The legalization of weed in Las Vegas captured a lot of interest from residents and locals alike and opened the door to legally purchasing weed from a dispensary. However, the law restricts its recreational use, which has created confusion and landed many users in trouble with the local authorities. The topic surrounding marijuana remains complicated, which is why you need to understand Nevada marijuana laws to avoid getting into trouble.

Is marijuana legal in Las Vegas?

Medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Nas vegas. Anyone who is above the age of 21years can purchase recreational marijuana in a licensed dispensary. The Dispensary NV recreational marijuana dispensary near the Las Vegas strip provides a convenient way for tourists to access medical and recreational marijuana. As long as you have an ID, passport, or DL to ascertain your age, purchasing marijuana at a dispensary is legally allowed.

Consuming marijuana in Las Vegas

There are restrictions around the consumption of marijuana in public places in las vegas. First off, you cannot use marijuana in public anywhere in Nevada. Marijuana use is only legal in private residences like your home or a private residence with permission. 

Also, you cannot use marijuana in Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, hotel rooms, and other public places that host people. Tourists can only use cannabis in las vegas cannabis-friendly hotels, events, and more. Thankfully, cannabis edibles, vapes, tinctures, concentrates, and other smokeless cannabis products allow people to use weed without drawing attention to themselves.

Can you smoke weed in the privacy of your hotel room? This is the question many tourists ask as soon as they get to las vegas. The answer is that a hotel room is not a private residence, so you cannot smoke weed there. Neither can you in an apartment where the landlord is against it. Many hotel and casino owners do not want to risk their licenses by mixing gambling with marijuana use.

Marijuana possession in las vegas

Weed being legal in Nevada does not mean you can buy huge amounts and keep them for yourself. You can only possess one ounce of cannabis or 1/8 an ounce of cannabis concentrates at any given time in las vegas. Weed is illegal under federal law, which is why states restrict its use. It is also illegal to possess weed while on federal property in las vegas, and you could land in trouble for that. A medical marijuana patient can buy 2.5ounces of a weed product in a 14days period.

Do you need a medical marijuana card?

If you use medical marijuana to manage your symptoms, having a medical marijuana card is advantageous since you benefit from tax exemptions and lower costs of marijuana products. But other marijuana outlets such as the dispensary NV recreational marijuana dispensary on Decatur Blvd cater to the needs of recreational marijuana users who meet the age requirements of marijuana use. You don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy recreational marijuana in las vegas, but it comes in handy if you regularly use medical marijuana.


Take your time to familiarize yourself with marijuana laws in las vegas to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.