Top 3 Reasons You May Want To Purchase Instant Coffee

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Why You May Want To Choose Instant Coffee

Are you looking to purchase a new brand of coffee? If you are a coffee drinker and you are looking for a new coffee to drink, it is a perfect time to switch over to instant coffee. Here at Boomi Coffee, we offer the best medium roast instant coffee. 

When it comes to drinking instant coffee, there are so many benefits you will notice when you choose Boomi Coffee. The top 3 reasons that you may want to purchase instant coffee include:

  • Little Ingredients

  • Easy To Make

  • Delicious On Its Own 

Little Ingredients

One perfect reason to invest in the best instant coffee from Boomi Coffee is that there are few ingredients involved. Rather than being full of unhealthy ingredients, Araku Boomi instant coffee is made from the least amount of ingredients possible. 

The ingredients in the coffee made by Boomi Coffee include one thing, which is 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. With such little ingredients, you know you are getting a quality and healthy cup of coffee with each cup of instant coffee you make.

Easy To Make

On top of the single ingredient involved to make Boomi Coffee, another reason you may want to purchase it is that it is extremely easy to make. Instant coffee is a great investment for people that are looking to save time in the morning or whenever they are on the go. It is also a great investment if you just simply want to avoid the trouble of brewing coffee!

Boomi Coffee is extremely easy to make as there are only a couple of steps in the process. First, you need to add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee to your cup on its own. After that, you can add your 6 fl oz of water or milk over the top into the cup. After these two steps, you are finished! If you would like to personalize the taste to how you prefer it, you can also add some sugar or creamer and stir it in.

Delicious On Its Own 

The best part of our medium roast instant coffee is how delicious it is! Our coffee is made to taste delicious on its own. You do not need to add anything extra. You can simply make the coffee using only water as we explained, but you can also add creamer and sugar if you prefer. 

Many people love to add cream and sugar to black coffee as it is bland to many people and too bitter. This can be the case for both brewed coffees, as well as instant coffee. However, if you get the correct instant coffee that is naturally full of flavor, you will not run into this issue, and drinking it on its own will be much easier and a lot more enjoyable.


Boomi Coffee is grown and made in the Araku Valley region of India. It has a fruitful flavor to it, along with caramel notes. On top of this, our strong coffee has the perfect finish of bittersweetness that you will love to drink each day. The aroma on its own is worth the entire experience!