Tips For Making Your First Time Smoking Marijuana Fun

Ready to join the big family of marijuana smokers? Wishing to get the most pleasure from weed but do not know exactly what you’re doing? Fret not; you are in the right place. Trying weed for the first time is exciting, but at the same time, it may be a little nerve-racking.

First of all, you need to know that there is no right or wrong way to smoke weed, but some people will definitely do it better than others. If you are new to smoking weed and want your first experience with marijuana to be successful, read on.

Choose the right spot 

Well, not all households are ready to welcome someone who smokes pot inside their homes. Second, even if you think that your family is ready for this change, chances are they aren’t as excited about it as you are. You, therefore, need to find a place where smoking weed is legal and safe. 

Decide on the time

Before you light up the first joint, ensure that you have ample time to enjoy yourself without worrying about being late for work or school. The point is to enjoy your weed the first time you are trying it, so try not to be in any rush that day.

Prepare your friends

Smoke with a friend, why not? Get someone to join you and enjoy the experience together. It might be even more fun and exciting that way. Keep in mind, though, having another person around while smoking for the first time may also prove to be a little annoying or distracting, so choose carefulmly who’ll share this experience with you.

Make sure it’s legal

This one may sound pretty obvious, but since we are dealing with weed, which isn’t legalized in most places for recreational use, check on your state laws regarding weed before buying or lighting up. This will ensure that you do not get into the wrong books. Also, ensure that you buy your weed from the Best Dispensary in North Chandler to be sure that you will be getting only high-quality strains. 

Prepare yourself mentally

Now that you have already purchased your strains from a reputable recreational dispensary, the big question is, are you really ready. You need to be in the right mental state for this. If you are stressed, nervous, or uncomfortable, it might be harder than you think to fully enjoy the experience. 

Decide your method of weed intake

There are many methods to use when smoking weed. Some people like joints, while others may prefer bongs or pipes. You can even smoke weed in cigar wraps, which is called blunts. Choose whatever method you feel comfortable with, and if possible, try more than one so you can experience all the different forms of high before deciding what is best for you.

Get high!

All this planning pretty much brings us into this step that we’ve been waiting for since the beginning – getting high! If you have read everything above then, there shouldn’t be any problems. Just remember to take your time and enjoy yourself as much as possible.