Important Varied Uses of Cannabis Plant to Human Health and the Economy

The cannabis plant is one of the unique plants in that all its parts find industrial uses to produce products with great importance to either human beings or animals. Cannabis is a multi-purpose plant that has had significant input in the past and will continue to be of even greater importance to the future as more states continue to legalize cannabis. The plant had saved people from hunger in the past when they used cannabis as food.

1.   Medicinal Use

A significant number of states have legalized the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Patients have used cannabis to relieve severe pain. Most patients prefer cannabis over opioids since opioids are highly addictive and can lead to respiratory complications, unlike cannabis, which is safe and not addictive.

Consequently, cannabis has found its use in relieving pain associated with arthritis and increasing mobility of people with arthritis. Cannabis also treats many other conditions such as anxiety, depression, nausea, and skin problems.FDA has already approved a cannabis-derived drug known as Epidiolex. You can search for Dispensary in Tacoma Washington, for quality personalized services and your cannabis medicinal requirements.

2.   Recreational Use

Lovers of cannabis use it for enjoyment purposes using different forms of consumption such as smoking, vaping, or as edibles. Most users of recreational cannabis prefer cannabis products with psychoactive effects caused by a high content of THC. THC compound is responsible for the psychoactive effects. You can contacta recreational Dispensary in Tacoma for quality cannabis products with high potency.

However, some consumers of cannabis for recreational purposes prefer enjoying cannabis when they are clear-headed; hence they go for low THC but high CBD products. The use of recreational cannabis is essential for socializing, relaxing the body, and personal enjoyment. As part of your recreational enjoyment, you can make a trip to Tacoma Washington, for a cannabis tour.However, you should not use recreational cannabis in public places.

3.   Making Furniture: Hemp Wood

In the past, some countries used long-form fibers from the cannabis plant to make furniture. Hemp wood is back and is helpful in construction. When put on large scale use in the modern world, it would save more trees which take a long time to mature, unlike cannabis which takes about six months to develop. It’s suitable for interior construction, making indoor furniture, skateboards, and floorings. The use of the cannabis plant to make hemp wood has created many job opportunities and provided a sustainable, strong, durable, and safe alternative for wood as a construction material. Hemp wood is hardwood.

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4.   Making Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is paper from the long fibers of the cannabis plant and finds its application for making filters and banknotes. Hemp paper is usually from the cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC, the legally allowed content. The cannabis plant matures fast, within six months, ready for use, unlike the trees, which take many years to become viable for any industrial use. Paper from a cannabis plant is eco-friendly, strong, and durable.


The cannabis plant is a multi-purpose which adds value to human life by providing health solutions through the medical properties of cannabis products. Using cannabis fibers to make wood has helped save the trees, a significant part of a balanced ecosystem. The use of cannabis pulp to make paper continues to make the cannabis plant more useful in preserving forests which take many years to grow to maturity, while cannabis plants take about six months. Continued legalization and decriminalization of cannabis will help achieve these goals on a large scale.