How Soon After Weight Loss Surgery Can You Get Pregnant?

Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, you may be wondering about its impact on your ability to have children. While every situation is unique, there are some general guidelines you can follow. Meanwhile, the good news is that most women are able to conceive within a year of their surgery. However, it is important to consult with your doctor to find out what is the best time for you to become pregnant. This article will discuss the factors that play into when you can start trying to conceive after weight loss surgery.

When You Can Get Pregnant After Weight Loss Surgery?

A few factors will determine when you can start trying to get pregnant after weight loss surgery. The first is the type of surgery you had. If you had gastric bypass surgery, you would need to wait 18 to 24 months before attempting to conceive. This is because it takes this long for your body to heal properly from the surgery. Whereas if you had gastric sleeve surgery, you could start trying to conceive within six months since this type of surgery has a shorter recovery time.

The second factor determining when you can get pregnant after weight loss surgery is weight. Remember that excess weight cause infertility, and therefore, it is important to reach your goal weight before trying to conceive. For women who have weight loss surgery, the ideal time to get pregnant is when they are within 20 pounds of their goal weight. If you are more than 20 pounds away from your goal weight, you may want to wait to conceive so that you can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

The third factor is your overall health. If you have any underlying health conditions, it is important to consult with a surgeon for weight loss surgery in Tijuana before trying to conceive. Some health conditions can make it more difficult to get pregnant or cause complications during pregnancy. Also, if you have had any other surgeries besides weight loss surgery, it is important to wait at least a year. This allows your body to heal properly from all the surgeries and reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Once you have all these factors taken into consideration, you can start trying to conceive. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, consult with your doctor. They will be able to help you figure out what is causing the problem and how to treat it. In a nutshell, there is no need to worry if you are having trouble conceiving, as there are many options available to help you have a healthy pregnancy after bariatric surgery.

To Conclude

There you have it! All the information you need to know about how soon after weight loss surgery you can get pregnant. Just remember to consider all the factors and consult with your doctor before trying to conceive.