How Long Will Your Pearly White Teeth Last After Bleaching?

Nothing lets you exude more confidence than being able to flash a bright smile. As the teeth color changes over time, many seek help from Reston family and cosmetic dentistry clinics and resort to teeth-whitening procedures such as bleaching. But how long will your pearly with teeth last after bleaching?

After undergoing treatment (which lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour), you can see an immediate result already. But depending on the level of your teeth’s discoloration, you may need to get a few more sessions. Typically, the result of bleaching will last for up to a year. Some even yield results that last for up to two to three years. However, this will depend based on your oral hygiene habits and lifestyle.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration

You may ask, what causes teeth discoloration in the first place?

According to Reston family and cosmetic dentistry professionals, the discoloration can be attributed to tooth stains. They may be intrinsic (internal) or extrinsic (external).

The former includes aging, medication, infection, or trauma. Because they are internal, these stains are more challenging to treat. The latter, on the other hand, refers to stains caused by the food and beverages you consume. Coffee, soda, potatoes, and apples are popular food and beverages that cause stains. Smoking can also lead to teeth discoloration.

In other instances, teeth discoloration can be hereditary.

What’s Next After Bleaching

Bleaching is one of the most popular teeth-whitening procedures done by Reston family and cosmetic dentistry experts. And as stated, it can yield results that can last for one to three years.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the bleaching procedure:

Observe proper dental hygiene. You have to be strict and consistent with your dental hygiene practices. One of the simplest things you can do is to gently brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating a full meal.

Be careful of what you consume. Avoid eating sugary, acidic, and stain-inducing foods. When drinking soda or caffeinated refreshments, dentists recommend using a straw to minimize direct contact with your teeth.

Stop smoking. Your mouth (and the rest of your body) will thank you if you quit smoking. Besides staining your teeth, it’s generally dangerous for your health. If you can’t stop smoking abruptly, ask your dentist for possible alternatives — those that won’t cause your teeth to be stained.

Use whitening products recommended by your dentist. After the procedure, your dentist may recommend a special whitening toothpaste to brush your slightly more sensitive teeth. This product is generally recommended for use for around one week. Afterward, you may switch to other whitening toothpaste.

Talk to your dentist. Whether it concerns your pursuit of having whiter teeth or any other dental matter, it’s a must to regularly consult with your dentist. If you prefer teleconsultations to avoid contracting COVID-19, discuss it with your dentist. Many dental experts today recommend doing physical visits only when necessary. Strict health and safety protocols should be observed when going to the dental clinic.

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