You Need to Eat This if You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails or You’re Not Sleeping Well

Problems with the adrenal gland have a negative effect on your sleep quality, the health of your nails and hair.

The adrenal glands are endocrine glands and they are situated on the top part of the kidneys. Their job is to release several hormones, like adrenaline and steroids.

These hormones are highly important, and you must pay attention, because they rate the metabolism, improve your immunity and they also regulate the blood pressure.

When these hormones are released in the body, then the body has the ability to deal with stress easily, but if there is any problem with the adrenal glands and they do not release these hormones, then this can cause various health issues.

But you can improve the function of the adrenal glands with a simple homemade natural remedy which includes Brazilian walnuts as ingredient.

Here are the ingredients and the instructions to prepare this natural remedy:


  • Dried parsley leaves
  • Brazilian walnuts
  • Pure natural honey
  • Ground ginger
  • Raisins


  • First take the Brazilian walnuts and the dried parsley leaves and put them in a blender to blend them very nicely.
  • Then, put the pure honey, ground ginger and the raisins.
  • Blend all the ingredients one more time in order to get a homogenous mixture.


  • It is recommended to take this natural remedy for boosting the adrenal gland, 2 tablespoons of it, every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Do this 2-3 times a week. With this remedy, you will boost the adrenal gland, and you will notice the results immediately. You nails will be stronger and they will not break off very often, you will also improve the health of your hair, and it will look amazing with the improved natural lustre, and you will also feel amelioration in the quality of your sleep.