You Must Avoid These 20 Foods If You Are a Diabetic

Choosing healthy food instead of the unhealthy snacks and sugar can help you regulate the blood sugar levels. Diabetic people know that they should not consume food rich in sugar. But you must be careful, because some foods have ‘hidden’ sugar that we do not know.

There are foods that we consider to be healthy but instead, they are full with unhealthy fats and sugar.

Sugar is not the only thing that diabetics must avoid, they need to watch out the intake of carbs and fat because they can also increase the blood sugar levels.

Here are the top 20 foods that diabetics mustn’t consume:

1. Nachos

Nachos are a type of Mexican food and it is not recommended for diabetics. They contain a lot of calories, regardless whether you take them as an appetizer or a meal. To clarify this, we can say that Chili’s Classic Nachos contain 59 grams of fat, 39 grams of carbs and 830 calories. So is this convincing enough?

2. Dried Fruit

In case you are suffering from diabetes type 2, you also should avoid consuming dried fruit. Many people think that dried fruit is a healthy snack, because they are rich in fiber and nutrients. But, on the contrary, dried fruit is also abundant in natural sugar due to the process of dehydration.

It is a better option to take dried fruit instead of cookies but know that it will also augment the blood sugar level. So if you have cravings for something sweet, avoid the dried fruit and reach for some strawberries or grapefruit.

3. Full Fat Dairy

These products are rich in saturated fats and due to that they can augment the level of LDL – good cholesterol and also the risk of heart disease. So in case of diabetes you mustn’t consume full-fat yogurt, ice-cream cream and cream cheese.

This type of saturated fat can also lead to higher resistance to insulin. So choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products.

4. Chinese Food

Chinese food is also not a very good option for diabetics. You may not know this, but Chinese food is rich in calories, sodium, fat and rich in carbs. They will increase the blood sugar level. So it is recommended not to consume sour and sweet dishes, orange chicken, and sugary sauce.

5. Breakfast Pastries

Breakfast pastries such as doughnuts, pastries, muffins and cinnamon rolls contain a lot of sugar, carbs and fat. White flour is the common ingredient I all of them. They are also abundant in sodium and trans fats. But if you enjoy eating them try to find a healthier option.
For example consume fat-free and sugar-free pastries. Or simply prepare your own healthy pastries at home.

6. Melons and Bananas

Eating fruit every day is very healthy due to their content rich in fiber, vitamins and carbs. But choose carefully your fruit, because some fruit are full with sugar and can affect the blood sugar level. Some of these fruits are melons, bananas and stone fruit.

7. Processed Meat

Processed meat is abundant in sodium and if you are suffering from diabetes type 2 they can lead to a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. So eat meat that is not high in sodium. You should also not consume toppings, or at least take those with low carbs and fats. The healthier options for your sandwiches are cucumbers, spinach and mustard.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol is also a bad choice for people with diabetes, so they need to talk to their doctor about the allowed amount. Alcohol can have a negative effect on the level of blood sugar. So it is recommended to avoid alcohol, you can just drink one or two glasses at special occasions.
For one drink: 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine and 1 ½ ounces of liquor.

9. Sugary Foods

What type of food are in fact the sugary foods? We consider candy, soda and desserts as sugary foods. Each of these contains a lot of sugar. These foods have almost no nutrients and they are carbohydrates with low quality.

They can lead to unexpected variation in the level of blood sugar. So when you have cravings for something sweet take some fresh fruit instead of soda or cookies.

10. Energy Bars

Energu bars or sports bars are not actually unhealthy food but they are not recommended for diabetics due to their content full of carbs and sugar. Even though they provide your body with the needed energy, but you may excess the limited amount with the sports bars.
It is recommended to eat energy bars that have a good balance of protein and carbs and that are also low in fats and sugar.

11. Hamburger

Hamburger is the leading unhealthiest food of all. It can augment the level of cholesterol due to its content rich in saturated fats. But you do not have to give up the hamburger; just make sure that you are consuming the one that has more nutrients.
The American Heart Association recommends total amount of saturated fats not to excess 7% of your daily calorie intake.

12. Pizza

This food is the most favorite food to everyone. It is fast to prepare, easy to get and it has a delicious taste. But pizza contains a lot of calories, if you buy commercial or frozen pizza. You can improve its nutrition if you just add healthier toppings.

Or the best alternative is to make your own homemade pizza with healthy ingredients. The healthier one is with fresh herbs and vegetables.

13. Bread, Flour and White Rice

Diabetic people must pay attention to their daily sugar intake but they also need to limit their daily carb intake too.

We can compare white flour intake -- rice, bread and pasta;to be very similar to the sugar intake in the digestion process for the digestive system.

The blood sugar level can be increased also by the carbs intake. But you do not have to avoid all carbs. It is healthier to eat whole grains like oatmeal and barley. And also replace the white rice with brown rice.

14. Flavored Water

Nowadays it is very popular to consume water with flavor and not the usual soda. It is also a healthier choice, because it does not contain any sugar and carbs. It has less sugar compared to soda, but huge amounts of flavored water like drinking one bottle is the same as drinking soda.

15. Fatty cuts of Meat

Fatty meats are very unhealthy and they can lead to high levels of cholesterol, inflammation and higher risk of heart disease. This is because they are abundant in saturated fats. Do not quit the protein intake, but change it with a much healthier option like lean beef, chicken, skinless turkey, pork tenderloin and fish.

16. Fried Food

This type of food is very unhealthy so try not to consume any French fries, fried chicken, potato chips and deep fried food. In some cases this food uses breading and plenty of oil in the cooking process which increases the calories.

To add more, restaurants utilize hydrogenated oils which are full with trans fats. And if you are diabetic, you need to lower the intake of trans fats.

17. Blended Coffees

Toppings are added to enrich the taste of blended coffee are sugar and fat and other things like whipped cream, syrup , sugar and many others. So if you enjoy drinking coffee, try to consume only the one with low-fat milk and without sugar.

18. Purchased smoothies

It has become very popular to drink smoothies. They are considered as healthy but they are actually full with sugar. And the smoothie servings are quite big. But you can prepare your own healthy smoothie with healthy ingredients and your favorite flavor.

19. Fruit juice

Fruits are rich in healthy fiber and carbs. This is a beneficial food for people with diabetes, but this is not the same for fruit juices. They contain more nutrients than soda and sugary drinks, but they also contain concentrated sugar. So avoid the fruit juice and use seltzer with natural flavor.

20. Cereal

The most popular breakfast worldwide. But how healthy it is? In order to get their sweet taste, they are covered in sugar. Other may have added sugar so always check the ingredients. And also the cereals with dried fruit are not very healthy as well.

Do not worry if you are suffering from diabetes because you can too have a normal life. Just consume the good things and avoid the bad one. In order to regulate your blood sugar level you need to consume healthy food and eat right.

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