Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage For 1 Hour And This Will Happen To Your Joint Pain

Cabbage has a lot of beneficial properties and you should eat cabbage every day. It is from the Brassica family, or formally known as Criciferae. Cabbage is very rich in healthy nutrients like minerals: calcium, iodine, sulphur, and iron; vitamins B1, B6, vitamin C and E; and it also contains insoluble fiber and beta-carotene.

You may not believe that this cruciferous vegetable is used for many ages, mainly because it is cheap and it has the ability to relieve pain and help with other health conditions. They used to call cabbage the ‘moon power’ due to the fact that it can grow under moon light. Cabbage in the form of juice can treat numerous illnesses. Cabbage is very popular and commonly used for the benefits of its consumption.

Cabbage contains a lot of healthy nutrients and it is also very low in calories and this is the reason why people like cabbage so much. Cabbage is rich in potassium and vitamins C and K. It also contains anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties and abilities. In this article we will introduce to cabbage compress, what it is and why it is used for.

Benefits of Cabbage

Due to its healing properties, cabbage has been used as natural treatment for bruises and swelling for many years now. This is due to its rich contents of vitamins, glutamine, anthocyanins and phytonutrients, which are full with anti-inflammatory agents and help in cancer fight and relieve pain in the joints. Sport injuries and arthritis are just another condition in which cabbage has proven its healing properties. People with arthritis have stated that with the help of cabbage leaves, they have been able to lower the amount of medications they take. They have used cabbage in a very particular way and it is not by consuming but as a wrap.

Cabbage compress


  • Cabbage leaves (best is organic and red cabbage)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Bandage or gauze
  • Rolling pin or meat hammer or wine bottle
  • Oven


Wash the cabbage and take off the leaves in order to wash them well. Put the leaves on a towel to dry them and chop off the hard trunk of them. After that, put the leaves on a hard surface and squeeze them with a rolling pin in order to get the juice out of them. Cover them with the aluminum foil and put them in the oven for several minutes just to make them warm. Then take out the leaves and apply them on the painful area on the body. Take the bandage or gauze and wrap the leaves around the leg and lift it on something higher. Leave the cabbage wrap for about an hour to react. Do this wrap 2-3 times daily but use a new cabbage leaf each time? The results will be visible the next day.

You can also make a cold compress, if you just put the cabbage in the refrigerator before you apply it on the affected area.

It is better to use red cabbage (not the green ones) because it has anthocyanins (responsible for the red color of cabbage) which actually help with inflammation and pain. Cabbage juice of green and red cabbage is very helpful and beneficial in treating ulcers.

If the place where you applied the cabbage leaves starts to itch and swell, take out the cabbage instantly because these symptoms can indicate cabbage allergy. If they do not heal on their own you should visit a doctor. Enjoy the benefits of cabbage wrap and we hope that it will help you to relieve your pain and treat inflammation.

Source: www.healthybodyandtips.org