Workouts for Women to Lose Belly Fat at Home – Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast at Home (Video)

You can no longer wear the last year’s clothes? Or the belly fat actually disturbs your sleep? If this is true, then you should definitely do something about these problems and solve them very quickly. The belly fat can lead to other health problems if it is not resolved in time.

Most women consider belly fat just as an aesthetic problem. But it is also has a bad effect on your overall health on long terms. So if you are not losing belly fat, read this article to find out why is that.

The quickest and easiest way to lose belly fat is through exercises. So if you definitely want to get rid of your belly fat, you should exercises every day for about one hour to achieve this and eliminate the belly fat.

There are plenty of exercises for losing the belly fat, and here we have selected the ten best straight forward exercises that are simple and you can perform them at home and solve the issue of extra belly fat.

1. Crunches

Crunches are the best and easiest exercise for burning fat. Health professionals confirm that crunches are one of the best exercises of all for burning fat. So it is recommended to start doing abs-crunching exercises every day.

The first position you need to start with is lying down with the feet on the ground and bend knees. Put your arm behind your head. Or if you prefer you can cross your arms on the chest. Then take a deep breath. After lift the higher torso up from the ground and exhale. Breathe in when you bend down and exhale as you lift up.

If you are starting to exercises for the first time, just do 10 crunches per established. And every day perform about 2-3 sets of this exercise. You can watch the video below to see how to perform the crunches correctly.

2. Twist Crunches

When you learn how to do the regular crunches, then you can also change the normal crunches to improve the effect and to burn the fat more quickly.

The twist crunches are very similar to normal crunches. Bu the difference is that in twist crunches you need to lift the proper shoulder women left, while your body is still on the floor.

When you first start doing these twist crunches, do them first in set of 10 crunches at a time. You need to do 2-3 types of twirl crunches in your daily routine. Watch the video below to learn and see how to do the twist crunches.

3. Change crunches

If you want to quickly burn your belly fat, you should do a lot of regular crunches and different types of crunches. So we will also introduce to you the reverse crunches. As we mentioned previously, all types of crunches are excellent for burning belly fat, in particularly for women and this also includes the reverse crunches.

This is very similar to the crunch physical exercise. You just need to bend the legs behind at the same time with the shoulders. This is the best stomach physical exercise especially for the lower belly fat. Find an online video to see how to perform these reverse crunches.

4. Side Crisis

This exercise is very similar like the twist crunches. The difference is that in this exercise you need to lean the legs and the shoulders at the same time to the same aspect. The medial side crunch exercises is particularly good for the fat on the sides.

Do 2-3 set of 10 medial side crunches each day. Watch the video above to see how to do these medial side crunches.

5. Up and down Leg Meltdown

Lie down on the mat or on the ground and expand the hips and legs towards the ceiling and then one knee is surpassed over the additional. Take a deep breath and lift the upper body to the pelvis. Breathe in and out slowly and gradually.

Perform this exercise in 2-3 set of 12 – 16 crunches. Watch the previous video to see how to perform these vertical lower calf crunches.

6. Going Plank Physical exercise

All the body muscle groups around the hip, lower back and the belly are locomotive by the going plank. Lie on the mat or on the ground and place the elbows and the joints resting on the mat. Align the spine and the neck in a straight line.

Keep looking straight and lift the knees and put you balance on your toes. Then breathe normally and contract the knees. This position is the plank pose. Remain in this position for about half a minute. And today, you can start to move to and fro for 30 seconds.

This exercise is also known as the rolling cedar plank exercise.

Lie on the floor or the mat on your side. Put the balance on the right elbow. Then place the knee at a straight angle to the shoulder joint and the other leg needs to be placed on top of the right branch, but together.

Maintain the knees in right position. Make sure that your hips are not touching at the bottom. Remain like this for 40 seconds. When you get used to this position, you can stay in this position for more than 1-2 minutes.

Perform this exercise on the other side too.

While you are performing this exercise, you can also lift the calf on the top and move it back. This way you will get a more efficient exercise not just for the ab muscles-but for the hips and thighs too.

7. Bi-cycle Exercise

You can perform this exercise even without a bicycle. Remain on the mat or on the floor and put your hands behind the head or by the side just like when you do the crunches. After lift the legs from the mat and bend your knees.

Move the right leg near the chest, and maintain still to get the left support. Then move the proper leg out and move the left leg close to the torso. Perform a movement in your knees like when you are riding a bike.

8. Working

You do not have to teach your body to a specific routine, but you should change the exercises frequently. How about working? In this way you will maintain the hearth rate increases, burn belly fat and shed the consumption of calories.

9. Jogging

You should also try jogging as many analysis have shown that jogging is more efficient in burning belly fat that weightlifting. And this exercise is also very beneficial for reducing fat and keeping fit.

10. Going for walks

The best way and the quickest in order to burn the extra fat and calories is definitely with cardio. Going for walks is the basic cardio exercise that you should perform because it is very efficient in burning the extra fat from your stomach.

So you should change to a healthy diet and also go jogging or steady rate walks for about half an hour to 45 minutes. You should do this, 4-5 days a week or maybe more frequent and in a short time you will notice some changes in the weight. By doing this not so extreme exercise you will boost your metabolism and increase the hearth rate.

It does not have a high risk of injuries or any accidents and it is highly efficient and beneficial especially for beginners.

Here is the video