Will The Cabbage Soup Diet Help You Lose Weight? Here’s The Real Truth

If you want to lose weight quickly, then cabbage soup is the right solution for you. With the consumption of cabbage soup you can lose even 10 pounds in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Experts do not recommend this diet and they say that the loss of weight is not constant and the diet overall is unhealthy. Because of this concern, we will analyze the good and the bad effects of the Cabbage diet soup.

Consuming cabbage soup for a week is all you need to do in this diet. In addition you can incorporate some fruit and vegetables, or skim milk every day. Cabbage contains a low levels of calories or minus calories, which actually makes your body to burn more calories than the calories you intake.

The value is equal meaning that the more cabbage soup you eat, the more weight you will lose. It is not recommended to be on this diet more than 7 days, but it is perfect for a quick loss of weight before an important occasion.

This diet was first used as a method to lose weight very fast before surgery, and because of that it is also called the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet.

But the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet and the Mayo Clinic do not confirm these beliefs, so we do not actually know where this diet was first developed. But it has spread all over the world and it became very popular.

The cabbage soup which is the main meal in this diet, need to be cooked for the whole week at once.

The recipe for Cabbage soup:


  • 1 cabbage
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • 1 package of mushrooms
  • 2 green peppers
  • 1 celery
  • 2 cans of tomatoes
  • 6-8 cups of vegetable cocktail
  • 1-2 bouillon cubes


First cut all the ingredients into small pieces. After put the onion into a pot and fry it a little bit, then put the rest of the ingredients. Pour water over the ingredients, or if you wish you can use vegetable cocktail and put the bouillon cubes.

When it starts to boil switch the stove to medium heat. Leave it to boil for 30 minutes, till the ingredients are soft. You can put other spices or ingredients of your choice such as pepper, hot sauce, herbs, salt, or green beans and spinach.

Eat this soup every day, the more the better. You can also consume some food with low calories. As a beverage you are allowed to drink water, tea without sugar or drinks with no calories. The Cabbage soup diet does not contain a lot of nutrients so you must take multivitamins.

Diet Plan:

First Day: Consume cabbage soup as much as you can and fruit, but do not eat bananas.

Second Day: Cabbage soup and green leafy vegetables. Baked potato is allowed, but do not consume peas, corn or beans.

Third Day: Consume cabbage soup, fruit and vegetable as much as you want.

Fourth Day: Cabbage soup, bananas and skim milk.

Fifth Day: On this day is allowed to consume six tomatoes, unlimited cabbage soup and 280-567 grams of beef. Drink more than 6 glasses of water during the day.

Sixth Day: Unlimited amount of cabbage soup, green leafy vegetables and some beef. You can eat grilled fish instead of beef.

Seventh Day:
Unlimited cabbage soup, vegetables, fruit juice and brown rice, but do not consume products with added sugar.

Do not continue this diet for more than one week, and you need to make a pause of 2 weeks before you start it again.

Experts have not studied this diet so we cannot know for sure how effective it really is. But Cabbage soup diet is very low in calories, so you will lose weight.

Unfortunately the lost weight from this diet is not permanent and there is a big change that you will re-gain it again after the diet. The body slows down the metabolism in low-calories diets, and due to that it burns less calories than normally.

This reaction of the body occurs in day three of the diet. And because of that a crash diet is imminent.

But low-calories diet can be very efficient for people with obesity, but of course it should be conducted under medical supervision. The diet can continue for 4 to 12 weeks and the results can be amazing, and they can also result with better metabolic health.

Recent studies confirm that insulin resistance can be decreased by low-calories diets.

The best thing in this diet is that you can the consume unlimited amount of food and in that case you will not feel hungry at all. Also fruits are incorporated in this diet, and they are very healthy and rich in fiber.

But because the products are the same every day, after a while we are not able to eat more of it and to will feel hungry.

On the other hand, the ingredients included in this diet are cheap, so you will not spend a lot of money.

Overall, the cons dominate the pros of this diet, but in the end you may get some result in losing weight. More importantly it does not last long time, and it is not possible to lose weight in just seven days, at least not in a healthy way.

The body loses 34% of fat, and the rest is water and muscle mass. This is the result of a low-calorie diet.

The lost water is from the body’s reserves; actually water molecule’s tie with glycogen and the body then as energy supplies.

These reserves of glycogen are utilized when the body does not get enough calories from food. And in that way, it provides the needed energy.

Another consequence of it is that more salt and water are produced by the kidneys. And the body tries to stock up again, its emptied reserves and this is more likely to happen immediately after you stop with the diet.

As we mentioned previously, the cabbage soup diet is very poor with nutrients -- protein, minerals and vitamins. Due to this the metabolism cannot function well and the muscle mass is being reduced.

Moreover, it is very hard to be on this diet even for 7 days because it is very monotonous. The ingredients and the food that you need to eat soon become flavorless and unappealing and people often quit.

Many people do not consider cooking for the entire week at once. First of all, healthy and needed. So they do not have a good opinion about this thing.

Here is a list of possible side-effects of the diet.

First of all, it is considered dangerous for the health to stay on this diet for more than 7 days, due to the fact that it does not contain the necessary nutrients.

1. It increases the level of sugar in the blood

Lack of carbohydrates and calories can cause high level of blood sugar, so if you already suffer from diabetes you need to be very careful. But if you do not continue with this diet for longer than 7 days, then you should not worry about this problem.

2. It does not provide enough calories

The needed calorie intake per day, in order the body to function properly is 1,500 for men and 1,200 for women. This diet does not provide your body with that much calories. It can barely get to 1,000 a day. So this diet is not very healthy and safe, especially for people with obesity.

3. It does not contain needed nutrients

Our body needs nutrients to function, and the cabbage soup diet is created to have a shortage in nutrients. It is also monotonous and has to lack of protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories.

If you consume food supplements like multivitamins, to recover the lost nutrients, there are no side-effects. But if you do not, then you will likely get headaches, feel weak and dizzy.

4. Flatulence and cramping

Flatulence and cramping can be a result of high levels of fiber. And the Cabbage soup diet contains high levels of fiber.

5. Gallbladder problems

Gallstones can appear due to fast loss of weight. Digestive juices are needed and produced in the gallbladder in order to digest food easily, especially high-fat food. But if you consume low-fat food the gallbladder does not release the needed digestive juices and as a result to full gallbladder, gallstones may appear.

So as a conclusion we can say that if you go on a Cabbage soup diet, it may help with weight loss, but you will probably gain the same weight afterwards unless you go on a different diet.

It is a monotonous and unhealthy diet, due to the lack of nutrients. So if you have decided to lose some weight with a diet, we advise you to find another diet, which is more efficient and healthier.

Source: authoritynutrition.com