Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (And How To Grow It)

Smoking is a very bad habit and although we all know this, a lot of people smoke and quitting can be a very difficult challenge. Nicotine is the main reason for the difficult struggle of quitting, because it is very addictive. After smoking for some time, the body gets used to nicotine and it gets impossible to function without it. As we already mentioned that nicotine is very addictive, so we can add that the more you smoke your body need more nicotine to work properly.

When the body doesn’t get the nicotine it needs, your body does not function normally and you feel anxious and restless. This is called a withdrawal and it cannot be overcome instantly. It usually takes some time. The physical need may be lost quicker, but the craving goes on for a longer period.

If you have decided to stop smoking we are going to introduce you to an herb which kills your urge to smoke – Stevia.

Use of Stevia to stop smoking

German researchers have studied this herb-Stevia and its effect on the addiction of cigarettes and alcohol. Stevia helps the body to get pass the craving for cigarettes by blocking the signals that it is sending. It is much easier and faster with Stevia.

So if you are trying to quit smoking just applies a few drops of Stevia on your tongue every time your body craves for a cigarette. It may sound too easy to believe, but we can promise you that is the very effective way to stop smoking.

You can supply yourself with Stevia in health stores or in bigger supermarkets. Stevia is sold in powdered and liquid form and you can look for it in health-food aisle or on the baking food aisle.

Stevia has also other beneficial properties besides destroying cigarette cravings. It helps with obesity, diabetes and hypertension. It also has a very positive effect upon the skin-it nourishes, tightens and smoothen the skin. Due to this, Stevia is also used for many products for skin care. It is also used for treating acne and dermatitis.

Grow your own Stevia at home

Stevia grows in warm areas, and cannot thrive at a lower temperatures. Stevia can grow in zone 9 and warmer, where it grows back again in spring. With higher care and protection, it can also be grown in zone 8.

Stevia should be planted in a 12-inch pot filled with high-quality soil. It needs a lot of light, so place it near a window and it should be watered when the soil dries to the touch.

Soil, planting and care

Stevia can reach up to 3 meters of height if it has been planted in loose, loamy and well-drained soil. Plant the Stevia when the frost has gone. Add some fertilizers to the plant for better nutrition and cover it with something like leaves or straw in order to keep the Stevia plant from burning in the sun during summer.

Stevia roots will rot if it doesn’t have good drainage of water, because it doesn’t like soggy soil. If Stevia has become limp and doesn’t get better, it has probably rotten and you can throw it out.

How to harvest and to store it

When Stevia starts to flourish, tidy and trim the flowers in order to have space to grow more leaves. In fall, the leaves become good for harvesting and it has white flowers. Cut the flowers to make more space for the plant to grow more leaves.

The end of fall is the time when the leaves are sweetest and their taste is the best before blooming. The best way to use Stevia is to dry it out. Cut the stems out of the leaves and place them on some woolen cloth or put them outside.

They should dry out in one day and you can collect the dried leaves. If you have, you can also dry them in a food dehydrator. When they are completely dry, you can crush them in small pieces or grind them in a food processor. Keep the leaves in dry place places in an airtight container and they will be ready for use anytime you need whether it is in food or drinks.