Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

Vitamin B17 is actually not a vitamin. It is likewise referred to by different names, for example, laetrile, or amygdalin. “Laetrile” is gotten from the words laevarotatory (portrays the stereochemistry of the atom), and mandelonitrile (alludes to its compound personality).

Laetrile contains these key parts: hydrogen cyanide, glucose, and benzaldehyde.

Yes, cyanide! Also, this is the “frightening word” used to conceal the real adequacy of utilizing laetrile in the treatment of cancer. I assure you, do not fear! Research proposes that because of the exact moment measure of cyanide in apricot seeds, you would need to consume around 65 apricot seeds in a day (on the low end) for it to wind up noticeably noxious.

Regardless, cyanide all alone in enormous measurements is lethal. In any case, when bound with different supplements in this little sum, it is not hurtful.


Elective disease specialists have been endorsing the utilization of laetrile for malignancy medications for some time now. However, laetrile treatment was restricted by the FDA. It is not legal for specialists to utilize or endorse vitamin B17 in their facilities.

In the mid 1970s, America’s war on disease was in full drive, and Sloan Kettering was viewed as one of the world’s driving cancer centers for researches. Dr Kanematsu Sugiura found laetrile to have extremely beneficial outcomes in keeping the spread of harmful lung tumors in lab mice.

Be that as it may, Sloan Kettering’s Board of Directors hid positive discoveries about Laetrile away from plain view when it wound up plainly unrewarding and openly disliked for them to help it. Indeed, there isn’t any cash to be earned using medications that can’t be patented. It wouldn’t bode well!

Along these lines, this significant data was concealed, and reports were discharged about cyanide content in apricot (and apple) seeds being harmful! What they don’t tell you however, are the huge tumor battling advantages and how little the cyanide content is, that they don’t create any damage!

While doing your own examination, contingent upon which site you’re on: there will dependably be two sides to the story. There will be destinations that are in help of utilizing laetrile as cancer treatment, and there will be those that are out and out against it, putting it down to insufficient or even harmful.

You can read more about the exploration conceal here.


How laetrile eliminates cancer cells is fascinating and you can perceive how incredibly and flawlessly Nature attempts to convey supplements into our body where they are required, and similar mixes can wind up plainly noxious to tumor cells.

Our sound cells contain a compound called rhodanese, which malignancy cells don’t have. Rather, disease cells have a protein called beta-glucosidase.

The enzyme rhodanese kills benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide in B17 and proselytes them to helpful supplement compounds that your body can utilize.

Beta-glucosidase, then again, discharges benzaldehyde and cyanide from B17 that makes a focused on harm that eliminates cancer cells.

One of the key side advantages of ingesting laetrile is that it integrates more vitamin B12, a vitamin that many are lacking in. By supplementing with high measurements of vitamin C while on laetrile treatment, these supplements make a synergistic power that are independent from anyone else, a treatment for malignancy.

It is imperative to consume a sound plant-based natural eating regimen, so you supply your body with an extensive variety of vitamins and minerals. These are for the most part fundamental with the end goal for laetrile to work proficiently. Taking a great multi-vitamin supplement will likewise enable make up for lacks.


In spite of the fact that laetrile (from apricot seeds) is a decent growth treatment, it ought not and should not be the essential malignancy treatment for any disease tolerant.

Laetrile (or vitamin B17) treatment is a standout amongst the most mainstream and best known option disease medicines. It is anything but difficult to utilize, and is exceptionally compelling when utilized as a part of right measurements. It works by focusing on and executing disease cells, and building the immune system to battle off future episodes of tumor.

Just top notch items must be utilized, in mix with a powerful disease eating regimen and key supplements. (These are not secured here. You should do your own exploration with a specific end goal to augment the advantages of laetrile treatment.)

Where To Get Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)?

Laetrile is contained in the seeds (parts) of many organic products, for example, macadamia, quince, apple, nectarine, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, avocado, pear, bitter almonds, nuts and lesser sums in different fruits.

Is it any ask why seeds of avocado, pumpkin, and papaya are utilized for restorative purposes and growth counteractive action?

Apricot bits are one of the best wellsprings of vitamin B17 or laetrile.

In spite of the fact that laetrile treatment for disease is prohibited, fortunately:.

On the off chance that you spared your own particular apricot seeds, this video demonstrates to you how you can collect apricot pieces yourself:

What number of Apricot Kernels To Eat?

This is the thing that says (in reference to measurements for growth patients):

Most specialists will prescribe a daily dosage of apricot parts from between 24 pieces a day up to 40 portions per day, spread for the duration of the day. For a man in remission, 16 apricot bits a day ought to be utilized at least.

What states:

You should decide the best sum for yourself. So a great many people consider that one apricot seed for each 10 pounds of body weight every day spread out for the duration of the day is a decent sum. You should develop to this sum over a couple of days or even weeks.

Begin with one apricot seed per hour and analyze the effect. On the off chance that you see any undesirable symptoms like wooziness, migraine or upset stomach, at that point you are devouring an excessive number of seeds too quick. Consuming six to ten seeds on a daily basis is an extremely normal sum.

However, recollect never devouring too many apricot seeds, dependably beginning with a little sum and gradually increasing that sum in the event that you believe you need to.

Alert: You can eat excessively of something worth being good that can make you sick. More is not always better. Locate your own “enchantment number”.

The users’ opinion about consuming Apricot kernels

A few people will request studies, or reports, or even evidences that apricot bits are not harmful. Simply read these surveys of individuals who have consumed apricot parts, and their astonishing outcomes. Here are a couple of (minor grammatical errors and linguistic use altered):

No Surgery is requiredFor Uterus Removal And Lymph Nodes

“I had a surgery planned for uterus removal and lymph hubs around d/t cervical intrusive tumor. I postponed surgery, I declined CT-examine. I requested Apricot Seeds, dry Apricots, high measurement vitamin C IV regulated by my companion RN. What’s more, today, after 10 months I got my Pap spread, result is clear. Nature has everything accomplished for us. I’m 40 year old. Presently I am thinking about having one more child.”

Sibling’s Rare Cancer Of Lymph Nodes Cured!

“I got this item for my brother. He has an uncommon cancer. He was informed that there were some substantial lymph hubs. Specialist needed him to come in to improve take a gander at what was happening before they did chemo. He spend two weeks with the treatment of apricot seed. He ground 10 every day in his shake. When he went backwards for that more critical look they have missed anything? Still it’s great to inquire about before taking.”

Feel Healthier When Taking These Seeds

“I grew older eating these seeds. Never became ill from it. In the event that you consumed 5 at the same time, you may feel a desensitizing impact in your mouth, which leaves in seconds after you wash it down with water. I have consumed even 20 every day, and haven’t seen any side impacts, however you have to work your way up gradually. Try not to eat at the same time. I feel more advantageous when I take these seeds.”

4.2cm Pre-Cancerous Pancreatic Cyst Of 20 Years Gone!

“While I couldn’t propose anything for YOU and YOUR body, I took 100 of these (50 twice for each day, I weigh 320 lbs.) for 2 weeks and they effortlessly expelled a 4.2 cm pre-malignant pancreatic growth I conveyed for a long time, with ZERO symptoms (FOR ME AT LEAST). I consumed 30 every day each morning for proceeded with wellbeing and upkeep. My other alternative was an (approx.) $80,000 life undermining, crippling amazingly agonizing and most obtrusive Whipple surgery. I assume one could call these things “God’s little marvels”. They surely were for me anyway!!!”

Knock On Corner Of Mouth Fell Off Like A Wart

“I was taking this fair to perceive what might happen. I had this knock on the edge of my mouth that seemed the previous spring. At first i thought it was possibly something I could pop, yet it was as strong as whatever is left of my body. I utilized mud and that wasn’t efficient. I surrendered and disregarded it. I would take only 3 of these pieces a day and check whether I saw or felt anything at all. After 30 days of taking this. That knock wound up plainly aroused, sore and swollen, and the following day tumbled off simply like a wart would. Presently I ponder possibly it was something other than a knock!”