Use Only Your Fingers And Clear Your Blocked Sinuses

Sinusitis (blocked sinuses) are a very widespread problem that many people, regardless the age, have. Colds, allergies or changes in the weather are main factors that contribute to this condition. Most of the people turn to medicines to take care of this issue, but there other, simpler ways to treat blocked sinuses. These are physic techniques that are equally useful in alleviating a stuffy nose, head or ears. Here, you’ll find out how you can feel immediate alleviation only by touching certain pressure points.

1. Press the Area Between Eyebrows and Use Your Tongue

The point is to lower or eliminate the production of extra slime, which is the main cause of sinusitis. Acupressure can treat this immediately. You need to pressure certain points in your body that will activate the fluid discharge and at the same time, will clear your stuffy nose.
This technique requires pressing your tongue against the palate while pressing the flat area between your eyebrows with a finger. Hold this pressure for around 20 seconds and you will feel how the accretion in your throat weakens.

2. Press the Area at the Beginning of Your Eyebrows

If your forehead sinuses are blocked, you’ll need to pressure different parts from the body that will clear the upper sinuses and your nose. Amber Lynn Vitale, a massage therapist, states that you need to employ pressure the area at the beginning of your eyebrows. Firstly, put your fingers at the first point of your eyebrows, just under the bone that is around the eye. Then lean your head on your fingers. You’ll feel how the pressure starts to move. Then, move your fingers to the middle of your eyebrows and press until you feel relief. After that, move your fingers to the edge of each eyebrow. Press and hold or make circles with your fingers in a clockwise direction to encourage the flow of the slime away from your forehead. When that happens, you’ll feel the pressure disappear.

3. Mini-Massage

The health benefits of massage are undoubted. A massage improves circulation and nutrient and oxygen quantity to all groups of cells in your body by activating blood flow.

Considering this, you can use a mini-massage when you feel sinus pressure. A massage therapist, Heather Wibbels, says that several quick scrubs will reduce the extra fluid down from your head. You need to press your third fingers against the notch of the collarbone and start moving them without using a lot of pressure. You’ll feel the drainage starting to move, thus clearing your throat. The pressure in your ears and your head may also change.

If you aren’t comfortable with this technique you can try to cross your hands to make a V shape and use your fingertips in the same pumping slow motion.

These methods drain the liquid accumulated in your sinuses and relieve you from the pressure.

Liberate Yourself from the Unpleasantness!

When you try these techniques, you will see that you can unblock your sinuses easily simply by employing pressure on the right points or using your tongue. These useful methods will help you drain the extra fluid in your sinuses and alleviate the unpleasantness caused by this condition.