Try This Method And You Will Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

A lot of people cannot fall asleep easily at night. This is a very frequent issue that a lot of people suffer from. They cannot just order their mind to slow down, and instead of relaxing, their mind wanders around. Some people even need for more than two hours to fall asleep.

Lack of good sleep can also affect your work and personal life, besides having a negative effect of on the health. If a person is not well rested, he or she does not have enough productivity to work and it can also be a reason for numerous health issues.

Chronic sleep can cause many serious diseases, such as:

-- Heart attack;
-- Irregular heartbeat;
-- Stroke;
-- Heart disease;
-- Heart failure;
-- High blood pressure;
-- Diabetes.

So, it is very important to get enough sleep. But, how we should do that? There has been developed a special technique called ‘4-7-8’ by Dr Andrew Weil, which may help with this problem.

Dr. Weil is a specialized practitioner of meditation and breathing, and he combines them both to prevent stress.

This is a very easy technique to do. First, you need to breathe in through the nose for four seconds, after that you need to hold your breath for seven seconds and at last exhale for eight seconds. Repeat this technique three times. This technique will prepare the body for relaxation and slow down the heart beat.

This can also be helpful for eliminating stress at work. If you feel too much pressure at work and you think you cannot handle it just do this exercise and you will feel a relief and your body will relax and calm down. You will lose all the anxious energy that you feel.