This Popular Ketchup Damages Your, Liver, Metabolism, Immune System, Nervous System and Brain

We do not all know about the method used in labeling ingredients in food products. It is actually the method in which food companies label the contained ingredients according to their amount in the food product, starting from the most to the least.

It is very significant, because this way you know what you are eating.

Let’s introduce you the Heinz ketchup and tell you avoid using it at all because there are many negative reason for that:

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is added in high amounts in Heinz ketchup, and people do not notice this on the label because this ingredient is labeled two times but under different name – high fructose corn syrup and just corn syrup.

When this corn syrup is metabolized it acts as sugar in the body and causes the levels of blood sugar to rise and also damages the liver’s function. It is obtained from GMO and can result in weakened immune system, diabetes, heart diseases, weight gain and obesity.

Distilled Vinegar and Sugar

Besides containing a high amount of high fructose corn syrup, this ketchup also has additional sugar – 4 extra grams per tablespoon.

This product also has distilled vinegar – another ingredient from GMO corn.

So now we are aware that this ketchup is full with three different GMO ingredient, chemical and sugar and it practically does not have room left for any nutrients. So now would you like to consume this so called ‘food’?

The other ingredients in this product are onion powder, salt and additives and it has no nutritional value, no protein and no fiber.

So think again before buying the Heinz ketchup.