This Is Why Your Legs Cramp At Night and How To Stop It From Happening Ever Again

There are many names used for leg cramps like calf cramps, night cramps or Charley Horses.

Leg cramps are severely painful spasms that commonly affect the leg muscles.

This type of spasms can happen during the night, waking you up or they can also happen during the day while you are doing some type of activities like working or cycling.

Overall leg cramps are not dangerous and do not cause any medical problems, they only cause discomfort and can be relieved or avoided with some ordinary stretching or self-care steps. But, you should consult a physician if they start to occur and cause severe pain more often. You should immediately consult the physician if lower leg cramps are interfering with your rest or you’re having muscle weakness, bloating, numbness or pain that lingers or persists another.

Scientists have not managed to find the real reason for night leg cramps even though they have been linked with age. So leg cramps can often happen for unknown reason.

Although there are some conditions that can be linked with getting leg cramps such as prolonged resting, dehydration, not getting enough potassium, calcium mineral or magnesium. If we consider this is the reason we can use some medication to relieve the discomfort – such as beta blockers, diuretics and blood circulation pressure drugs.

In other cases some medical conditions can be associated with leg cramps like underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or parathyroid condition, even diabetes.

The pain caused by leg cramps can be different in power and how long it lasts, and it goes from a couple of second to quarter hour or more.