This is What Owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp Does to Your Brain and Mood

Owning a Himalayan salt lamp in your home is a great source of health and positive energy. Place one in your living room or bedroom and it will act as an air freshener and cleaner.

To explain how this lamp works, let’s start with the basics. The smallest particles in all matter are protons, electrons, and neutrons. The first have a positive charge, the second ones negative, and the third ones have no charge.

These particles comprise atoms, whereas atoms form molecules.Now let’s focus on the electrons for a while. The negatively-charged particles revolve around the molecules in a similar way the Earth moves around the Sun. In some cases, the electrons can leave their orbit and what remains is an ion with a positive charge.

The positively-charged ion tries to take another electron, from another molecule, to replace the lost one. Certain matters, depending on their structure, lose electrons very easily. Himalayan lamps are one such material.

Himalayan salt lamps have numerous health benefits. Here are the most important ones:

Neutralize EMF Radiation from Electrical Devices

Electromagnetic field radiation is all around us. It comes from all the electrical appliances and devices we have in our homes, like TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones, surround systems, etc.

And although we can’t see it, EMF radiation can cause serious health problems, ranging from chronic stress, constant weakness, and tiredness, to suppressed immune system, and more.

Himalayan lamps release negatively-charged ions around them, which help neutralize the EMF radiation. Placing one lamp near an EMF radiation source, for example the computer or the television, will be much helpful.

Remove Static Electricity in the Home

Static electricity can cause stress, anxiety, and irritation. On the outside, it will damage your hair and make it more difficult for you to clean the house. Himalayan pink salt lamps remove ionized particles which cause static electricity.

Purify and Freshen the Air

These lamps will clean the air in your home very efficiently. You will no longer have problems with any air contaminants, including dust, smoke from cigarettes, or pollen. Himalayan lamps have hygroscopic properties, i.e. they attract and absorb water molecules from the environment into the pink salt crystal. Then the water from the trapped molecules is released by evaporating due to the heat of the light bulb, whereas the dirt remains in the salt crystals.

Help with Depression

Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a type of depression related to changes in seasons. Himalayan pink salt lamps give out natural light, very much alike the sunlight, which produces negatively-charged ions into the air. These ions boost the mood and increase the energy levels.

Treat Allergies

By removing harmful particles of dust, molds, flecks of skin shed by pets, as well as various types of fungi, these lamps prevent the development of allergies and mitigate their symptoms. For this reason, Himalayan lamps are highly recommended to asthma patients. Use this lamp for a month, and you will see great improvements!

Helps with Sleeping Disorders

Too much positively-charged ions from the electrical appliances can cause sleeping problems, like insomnia or abnormal sleeping patterns. This is due to the fact that positively-charged ions lower the oxygen levels in the air, thus reducing the oxygen supplied to the brain through the blood. By releasing negatively-charged ions, Himalayan lamps keep normal oxygen levels in the home. Keep the lamp in your bedroom and it will soon regulate your sleeping problems. If you don’t like having light while sleeping, keep it on during the day and turn it off as soon as you go to bed.

Relieve Coughing

When the Himalayan lamps heat, they start absorbing harmful particles from the air and change the charge of ions.

Positively-charged ions make the microscopic hairs in the windpipe “lazy” and less functional in protectingof the lungs from air contaminants.

The pink salt lamps attract the airborne water particlesand hold the positively-charged ions in the salt crystals. The water is purified and then released again into the air, together with negatively-charged ions, which boost the activity of the abovementioned microscopic hairs (also called cilia). They become more efficient in protecting and cleaning the lungs, i.e. Himalayan lamps act as air filters and keep the contaminants away from the respiratory tract.

Enhance Mood and Improve Concentration

Owning a Himalayan lamp will boost your mood, relax you, and improve your concentration and focus. As we mentioned, negatively-charged ions improve blood circulation, thus providing more oxygen for the brain and the rest of the organs. These ions also enhance the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the happy feelings.

A Light Source That is Nature-Friendly

Himalayan pink salt lamps are nature-friendly and safe for the environment. The base is made from renewable wood sources, and the lamps use low wattage bulbs, which means the energy expenditure is also low.

Furthermore, the reserves of Himalayan pink salt are believed to be sufficient for a longer period of time in the future. They are estimated in the range from 80 to 600 million tons.

Boost Energy Levels

There is a reason why we feel so vital and invigorated after spending some time outdoors. The level of negatively-charged ions in nature is quite high, similarly to the environment salt lamps create.

That is why it is a good idea to place the Himalayan lamp in the room you and your family spend the most time in, for instance the living room, and you will experience a significant positive change in the mood.

How to Choose and How to Use the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

The bigger the lamp, the larger area it covers. Place big lamps in bigger rooms, of course. This should be a general rule: one pound of Himalayan pink salt crystals purify the air in a 4′ x 4′ room. You can also buy several smaller lamps and distribute them in different rooms in your home.

The most important place to locate the first pink salt lamp is the room you spend the most time in. Rooms with a larger number of electrical devices should also have larger lamps. At the end, choose smaller lamps for the less frequently used rooms.

The benefits should be felt after about a week. That is the time needed for the negatively-charged ions to be released and become efficient.

Note: If exposed to humidity sources for a longer period of time, the Himalayan pink salt crystals will melt. For this reason, you should be careful when placing lamps near steam-sources like showers, laundry machines, or dishwashers.

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