This Is The “Spot of 100 Diseases” – This is What Will Happen If You Massage It Every Day

According to the ancient asians, our human bodies have 365 spots and 12 meridians, just like the days and months in the year. In the Traditional Asian Medicine, these spots can be healed using acupuncture. In other words, the whole body can be healed by applying pressure on these 12 spots where the energy which flows through the meridian is interrupted.

There’s a spot called the “Spot of 100 Diseases”, but what makes this spot so magical?

The magic spot is located above the knee cap and in order to find it, place your right hand on your right knee and the left hand on your left knee. The spot is between your index and little finger. Another way to locate this spot is to sit upon the ground and to press your feet in the floor. Find the place below the knee which is raised a bit, find its highest point and press it.

This magical spot can:

  • Helps digestion
  • Maintains proper function in the organs from your lower body
  • Prevents inflammations
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Treats liver diseases
  • Regenerates heart attack-induced damage
  • Regulates the part of the spine which are responsible for proper kidney function, digestive system and reproductive system

By massaging this spot, your body will become balanced, stress and tension-free. It will also help you in the treatment of numerous different health issues. It is even going to help you with treat constipation, gastritis, hard stool, urinary problems and other issues.

How to massage the long-age spot?

Massage the spot in the morning, on an empty stomach with circular motions, 9 circles on each leg. The massage should last 10 minutes.

Perform the massage in a sitting position, relax, focus on your feelings and take deep breaths.

If you want to lose weight, massage the spot in the evening as well. Massaging this spot in the evening will help you lose half a kilogram a week. However, be careful since it can sometimes cause insomnia.

If you want to relieve a headache, stress, anger and insomnia, massage the spot after lunch. For boosting the metabolism, massage both legs in the evening in counter-clockwise direction.