This is the Fruit That Fights More than 10 Types of Cancer

Recent studies have shown that the graviola extract (the fruit is also called“soursop” or “guyabano”) destroys the malignant cells of twelve types of cancer. Scientists have found that this extract inhibits the growth of the following types of cancer: cervical, colon,prostate, breast, lung, liver, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer. A discovery revolutionary enough to change the entire fundamentals of cancer treatment.

The research conducted by a doctor-pathologist from the University of Nebraska showed that the graviola extract had great success in reducing the tumorigenicity of cancer cells, as well as altering their metabolism in cases of pancreatic cancer.

Another research showed that this fruit is much more potent (10.000 times more potent to be precise) than the standard chemotherapy medication for colon cancer. Unlike the common cancer drugs, graviola kills only the cancer cells, without having any adverse side effects on the healthy cells.

Graviola has been proved very efficient in combating breast cancer. The conducted in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that the graviola food extract (GFE)resulted in substantial inhibition of breast cancer cells growth (MDA-MB-468 cells), using a chain of proteins in the cell, called EGFR/ERK signaling pathway. This indicates that GFE can protect women against aggressive metastatic breast cancer types.

These studies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to graviola extract’s potency. Its full anti-cancer properties are yet to be discovered and elaborated.

The key ingredients that make this fruit such a powerful remedy are the acetogenins. These substances work against the NADH oxidase in the plasma membranes of cancer cells and inhibit their growth. Other important elements in graviola are the phytochemicals -- anonaine, friedelin, isolaureline, kaempferol, annonamine,anomurine, quercetin, xylopine, and asimilobine.