THIS Essential Oil Is More Effective Than DEET For Repelling Insects!

DEET is very efficient in repelling insects, but we forget about its toxic properties. So we need to avoid using it because we have found a new amazing repellent that is more efficient and also what’s more important is that is 100% safe to use.

It is the lemon eucalyptus oil. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that it is even more efficient as a bug repellent than the toxic DEET.

A lot of studies have been conducted and they showed this result after they pitted the essential oil against DEET. One team of experts stated that lemon eucalyptus oil is more efficient than the DEET for even 12%.

This is due to its content of the active ingredient p-methane-3,8-diol – PMD. This ingredient makes us invisible to mosquitoes, because it has the ability to block the signals from the body like carbon dioxide acid – which is crucial for the mosquitoes to find us.

The PMD is listed as the ‘least toxic’ ingredient. The only side-effect can be caused if it gets into your eyes, it irritates them, but that is all there is. On the contrary, DEET has many side-effects.

The Dangers of DEET

DEET has the power to corrupt the receptors on the antennae of mosquitoes- it is the opposite of when PMD makes you invisible. This tells you about the level of toxicity of DEET.

DEET is absorbed in the skin very easily. When it enters the body, this toxic chemical goes to the central nervous system and he gut, and can lead to these medical problems:

  • Memory dysfunction
  • Disorientation
  • Muscle co-ordination problems
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Death

Longer periods of DEET presence on the skin of children can increase the risk of many severe effects and also death. Due to the high risk, DEET has been made illegal in the United Stated to promote that it is safe for children.

And when the U.S. government decides on such a thing, it must be really risky and bad for your health.

And it really is; read some of the warnings from the labels of DEET:

  • Not to be applied near the mouth and eyes and on the hands of children
  • Wash it with soap and water, when you go inside
  • Not to be sprayed in closed areas
  • Not to be sprayed on irritated skin, wounds and cuts
  • Not to be applied on younger children
  • Not to be used under clothes

On the other hand, the lemon eucalyptus oil should only not be applier around the eyes. And this essential oil is also food grade and you can also consume it.

Here is a video with the instructions of how to make your own natural repellent with lemon eucalyptus oil.

Try this recipe and see for yourself how effective it really is.

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