This Drink Will Destroy Your Bones From The Inside But Everyone Drinks It

According to the statistics, Americans consume soft drinks in huge amounts on the daily basis. Even 25% of the drinks sold in America are sodas. In 2000, in America were sold 15 billion gallons of soda, which mean can of 2 ounces a day for each American.

There is much information about its unhealthy effects, but in addition, we are giving you more information about this unsound addiction.


The Framingham Osteoporosis Study from 2006 tested the BMD (the bone mineral density) of 1413 women and 1125 men and showed that drinking soft soda on daily basis causes subtraction of the BMD in the hips of women who are prone to bone loss more than the men.

Several studies have shown that this is due to the overabundance of phosphoric acid contained in the soft soda which stops the absorption of calcium. Also, phosphoric acid contributes to the outflow of the calcium out of the bones.

Another research has shown that bone loss can also be caused by consumption of 330mg caffeine or four cups of coffee a day. Caffeine impedes the absorption of calcium and leads to loss of it through urine.

This is why soda must be avoided if you have osteoporosis or other medical conditions like Chron disease. Also, people over 50 should avoid soda consumption.


Soda is one of the main reasons for overweight problems. Consumption of only a can of any soft drink gives you an additional pound of weight per month.

Diet soda is also not the answer. It is even more harmful than the regular one because it contains fabricated sweeteners that can cause many physiological and hormonal disorders thus making you fat.

Liver damage

Over consumption of soft drinks increases the risk of cirrhosis similarly to what happens to chronic alcoholics.

Tooth decay

Soft drinks are extremely acidic and because of the chemical, composition damages your teeth more than other sugars.

Kidney diseases

Soda contains phosphoric acid that causes many changes in the urinary tract. For example, kidney stones are more likely to occur if you drink 12-ounce cans of soda.