This Common Hygiene Product Is Linked To Thyroid Cancer, According To New Research

There are germs and bacteria every place you go – in restaurants, airports, schools, grocery stores and more. In order to prevent catching any disease from the germs, a lot of people always have a little bottle of hand sanitizer expecting it to eliminate all the germs that they get in contact with. You can find them in various scents, sizes and shapes but did you know that this product can also be the reason for thyroid cancer.

You probably know that had sanitizers contain different chemical, but you have probably never considered the fact that these chemicals can have a negative effect on your health. The Occupational and Environmental Medicine has published one study that showed that the chemicals from the hand sanitizer can actually increase the risk for thyroid cancer for even 3 times higher.

The Study

The researchers analyzed the data from more than 900 patients in order to perform their study. They evaluated 462 adult patients with thyroid cancer in 2010 and 2011 and about 498 control subjects. They analyzed the exposure to these biocide chemicals in their occupational jobs and the usual utilization. And it showed that the highest biocide exposure was among people who work in cleaning and medicine – like professional building cleaner, home assistants and healthcare providers in hospitals.

This study also showed the difference between men and women and men who have occupational exposure have 300% higher chance of develop thyroid cancer compared to women who have 48% chance of developing thyroid cancer. And the exposure to biocides increases the risk of thyroid cancer by 65%. The most important thing in this study was the fact that biocide chemicals can also disrupt the hormones. And sadly people whose jobs demand the utilization of hand sanitizers like the health professionals have the highest exposure to biocides and for them the risk is more than doubled for developing thyroid cancer.

Hand Sanitizer and BPA

And this study is not the only one that pays attention to the harmful chemicals and the dangers of the hand sanitizer. Another study which was published in the journal PLOS showed that consuming food right after using hand sanitizer or touching a sales receipt can increase the BPA absorption in the body.

A poisonous mix with severe health risks found in BPA and Hand Sanitizer? Chris Kesser states : many skin products like hand sanitizers, lotions, sunscreens, soaps and more are full with ‘dermal penetration enhancers’ and their function is to assure the absorption of the active ingredient they have. The absorption of estradiol is boosted by dermal penetration enhancers – and it is like the BPA, by as much as 100-fold.

The BPA is related to many medical conditions such as endocrine disruption, inflammation, infertility, diabetes and even cancer. In order to prevent thyroid cancer and protect yourself from BPA exposure, you need to avoid using the alcohol-based and chemical-based hand sanitizers. You can replace them with an essential oil spray. And it is always a good alternative to just wash your hands with some water and soap to eliminate all the germs.

Here is a video with instructions for preparing a homemade natural and safe hand sanitizer:

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