These Foods Produced in China are Packed with Toxins and Cancer-Causing Substances

Chinese food is very popular for its exotic flavors and tastes. The numerous Chinese restaurants throughout the world are a proof of how much people like this food. Many Chinese ingredients and condiments have become a part of our everyday diet. However, recently, more and more consumers have started to avoid products imported from China. It is easy to understand why this is the case. The reason is the widespread claim that the food industry to this country does not maintain high standards in the production processes.

China has been producing and selling highly toxic products and foods at very low prices.  And even though there is no proof that such products are exported to the States, they are very easily purchased via the most popular online shopping websites, like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress.

This article contains 10 harmful Chinese foods you should avoid. The reason is that you can never be sure of the harmfulness of the ingredients used in their making. Some of those ingredients can seriously damage your health.
There are ten imitation foods in this list, all made in China. After you read what’s in them, you will never shop for these foods online again!

#1 Fake Eggs

Online videos with instructions on how to earn money by making and selling fake eggs are shockingly popular in China. The creators of the videos state that you can make more than $60 dollars a day with this business. However, these eggs contain very dangerous chemicals like calcium chloride, alginic acid, gelatin, potassium alum, as well as artificial colors. Consuming the eggs can result in dementia and other memory-related problems. Make sure you never give your kids these eggs!

#2 Cement-Stuffed Walnuts

Believe it or not, they do exist! They were discovered by accident in 2012 in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, when a young man bought shelled walnuts. When he cracked them, they were filled with pieces of concrete. The concrete was secured in a paper to prevent it from producing unusual noises in the event of shaking the walnut. The “inventors” idea was to make more money by selling these walnuts, which are significantly heavier than natural walnuts.

#3 Beef Made from Pork

Some restaurants in China have been selling pork as beef. The reason for this is the price -- pork is much cheaper than beef. However, the meat undergoes certain chemical processing beforehand. Namely, the pork is “marinated” for about an hour with glazing agents and a beef extracts to resemble and taste more like beef. Regular consumption of this meat can result in various deformities, poisoning, and even cancer!

#4 Imitation Green Peas

These fake peas were discovered in 2005 in the Hunan region. Even newspapers wrote about them, stating that the peas gave out intensely green color when boiled, and remained hard even after hours of boiling.
Before anyone became aware, the inventors of fake peas made a lot of money. There were numerous “factories” that produced them for over three years! Imitation green beans were made of soy beans and snow beans, artificial green dye, which has been banned for use, and sodium metabisulfite as a preservative. The green dyes they used are extremely dangerous and can cause cancer!

Sang Liwei, a food expert from Beijing, said that this was not the first case of selling imitation peas. However, even though the toxic peas had been widely sold before in the Guandong and Hunan provinces, the officials failed to respond appropriately. They only take action if at least one person dies after consuming the food in question. He warns those are such cases, where the side effects are visible only after long-term consumption, years may pass before authorities become aware of the problem.

#5 Baby Food

In 2004, CBS News reported a case where more than 40 people throughout the province of Fuyang were accused of producing fake baby formula. This baby food contained almost no nutrients. The main ingredient inside was – chalk. If babies eat this formula, it can cause head swelling, a condition called the “big head disease,” as well as deterioration of the other body parts and organs.

#6 Industrial Salt Instead of Table Salt

Industrial salt is not meant for human consumption. However, the fact that it is much cheaper inspired a dozen of people in China to sell it as table salt. They sold almost 800 tons in a period of 13 years. The consumption of industrial salt can cause numerous cognitive problems, as well as problems with the reproductive system and thyroid disease.

#7 Mud Instead of Pepper

A shop owner in the Guangdong province was caught selling mud as black pepper and flour instead of white pepper. After he got caught, he claimed that these fake products were not harmful for the people! Bearing in mind that authorities won’t react until someone dies, many more foods like these will be sold for many years before the problem is solved.

#8 Counterfeit Noodles

A factory to the Chinese city of Zhongshan had produced more than 5 tons of fake sweet potato noodles before it was closed by authorities! The eventual shut-down resulted after numerous consumer’s complaints. They claimed the noodles tasted funny, which triggered an investigation. This investigation showed that the noodles were made with corn, paraffin wax, and industrial ink to give them an intense color.

#9 Imitation Ginseng

The Ginseng root has been widely used in China for oven 3000 years because of its medicinal properties. However, in the recent years, the price of this plant increased significantly, which motivated some people to invent fake ginseng and make money. The root is boiled in sugar to increase its weight. heavier means it will sell for a higher price.

An expert from the National Institute for Food and Drug Control in China warns that boiling the ginseng root will destroy most of the medicinal properties and nutrients. The experiment he conducted proved that the real ginseng root contains 20% sugar, whereas the imitation ginseng root contains up to 70% sugar, which confirms that the fake root is not at all beneficial.

#10 Rice Made of Plastic

The last but not the least – plastic rice! Large amounts of the most popular rice, the Wuchang rice, were discovered in China. It was made from potatoes and synthetic resin. Similar to the above mentioned fake peas, this rice also stayed hard after boiling. These two fake products share the adverse side effects as well. The plastic rice is also cancer-causing.

I am sure that after reading this post you will be much more careful what food you buy and think twice before you order Chinese food products online!