There is No Such Illness That The King of Fruits Cannot Cure! – An Old Asian Secret

You can either cook it or eat it raw. You can even eat the big seed at the center of the fruit baked or cooked. The skin of this fruit is covered in needles.

Of course, we’re talking about the fruit named Durian. It has a disgusting taste and an unbearable smell but if there is one thing good about it’s the “thing” that it contains that makes it the king of all fruit.

The fruit of this plant is incredible nutritious compared with the rest of the fruits around the whole world. The Durian fruit can be found in the tropical parts of the world such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Durian fruit has a completely different taste than any other tropical fruit which we know about. The fruit has a taste of garlic, caramel, cheese, nuts mixed together.

Many people who have tried the fruit either hate it or love it. There is no in-between.

You can consume the durian fruit fresh or cooked, and you can also consume its seed from the center of the fruit baked or cooked. When it comes to the smell of the fruit we can safely say that nature wasn’t “generous” with it. So the people who have tried it know of its intensive smell and taste.

Some people can handle the smell, and others can’t stand it. This is why the durian fruit isn’t recommended for people with a sensitive stomach that don’t like experimenting with food, taste and aroma.

Despite its taste and smell, the durian fruit is very popular in the Asian countries and is even a national fruit in Singapore. The fruit is even used in some traditional dishes involving pancakes, macaroni, candy, ice cream, cakes and more. People in Indonesia prefer the baked durian.

The nutritional values of this fruit are simply amazing. One regular-sized durian contains around 26 grams of fat, 132 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams fiber and 4 grams of protein. Aside from this, the durian is rich in vitamin’s B (B1, B2, B3 and B6), vitamin C, potassium, manganese as well as antioxidants and others.

In the traditional medicine, the durian is used as a natural cure for sicknesses such as increased body temperature and skin issues.

Just like any other fruit on this planet, you can use the durian too to prevent the risk of cancer thanks to its richness in antioxidants. The durian properties inhibit the growth of the cancer cells and prevent them from spreading.

It is also considered to be an extremely useful fruit for preventing heart diseases since it can lower the cholesterol levels. Being rich in vitamin C also makes the durian an excellent natural remedy for preventing stroke since it prevents the arteries from clogging and stabilizes the levels of blood sugar.

Aside from this all, the king of all fruits is considered to have aphrodisiac properties.