The Root Cause Of Cancer Has Been Hidden Since 1930

Even though the DNA of most cancer cells is damages, it does not mean that the damage in the DNA can lead to cells getting cancerous. Actually it is also a consequence of the real cause of cancer.

So here we will talk about what actually is the true cause of cancer. Many things have been discovered in the last 125years about cancer. In 1890, William Russell (1852-1940), made a discovery about the presence of microbes outside and inside the cancer cells. After that it was also found out that the microbes that are inside cancer cells are ‘pleomorphic’, which means that they are able to change size and shape according to the pH level inside the cells.

Otto Warburg was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931, because he discovered that low ‘ATP energy’ (ATP is also known as “adenosine triphosphate” and is produced inside the mitochondria of cells) is responsible for the characteristics of cancer cells.

Later, in 1930 it was discovered that cancer cells can change back to normal cells, if the microbes insede them are eliminated. Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, is responsible for this discovery, and he also discovered a way to eliminate the microbes with the use of ‘harmonic frequencies’ which vibrated the microbes and they exploded. But unfortunately his laboratory and inventory was shut down by the combined consensus of the American Medical Association (AMA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), instead of awarding him a Nobel Prize.

So the question is why did they do that? The reason for this is because his cancer patients had 100% cure rate. And this may be weird to you. Why would they throw away a researcher for curing cancer? It is thought that the pharmaceutical industry and the conventional medicine are looking for cancer cures. Nothing can escape the truth. The actual truth is that they are looking for big and massive profits from their patented chemicals (medications). And curing cancer is not in their convenience because their profits would decrease.

So what is the main goal of the Food and Drug Administration? It is actually ‘private police force’ of the pharmaceutical industry. And their main and only purpose is to protect the massive profits of the pharmaceutical industry, no matter the cost-such as shutting down researchers who can actually cure cancer like Dr. Rife.

Everything turns around the patents. And they can also patent the medications produced by the pharmaceutical industry. But they cannot patent the Mother Nature’s frequency wave forms and molecules.

And the patents are main factors in the fight of pharmaceutical industry, the AMA, and the FDA against natural medicine. They are all related to each other.

This conspiracy also involves the media, because they glorify the doctors on purpose on the TV shows and also with the advertisement that is used for the manipulation of people to go to the doctor’s office.

The way that the media works can be summed up by Stalin, who had excellent expertise in propaganda techniques.

Alan Bullock writes in his book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives – that Stalin had the power to understand best the real object of propaganda, that it is not to persuade or convince, but actually to create a uniform pattern of public utterance and the first sign of unusual thought discloses as a shocking dissonance.

This results with the fact that when a patient finds out about his cancer condition, he immediately goes to the first available oncologist. So the media has succeeded in their purpose. And although experts are trying to discover a natural cure for cancer, they are still at the same point of knowledge as in the 1930s, and very little patients use natural treatments for cancer.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) which is a non-profit foundation and the main goal is to investigate natural medicine; and her experts are the ones who found out that the ATP energy was blocked by the microbes that are in the cancer cells. And using this they were able to find over 25 natural treatments for cancer using the same technique as Dr. Rife- by destroying the microbes in the cancer cells and transform them into normal cells.

They also developed a new technological appliance similar to the one of Dr. Rife, and with its help they could destroy the microbes in the cancer cells, also called ‘High RF Frequency Device’ as referred to on the Cancer Tutor Website.

How cancer is caused by microbes in the cancer cells

Here are we are going to discuss about the blockage of the ATP energy by the cancer cell microbes. This will help in understanding the newest treatments of cancer. But first let’s find out what is the cause for the production of ATP energy in a normal cell.

  • First Step: glucose is permitted in the normal cell by glucose receptors.
  • Second Step: the glucose is transformed in pyruvate in a chemical chain reaction of 10 steps.
  • Third Step: The pyruvate then goes in the mitochondria of the cells (and each cell has about thousands).
  • Fourth Step: Then starts the chain reaction for the pyruvate -- “Citric Acid Cycle” or “Krebs Cycle.”
  • Fifth Step: the second chemical chain reaction – ‘’Electron Transport Chain” – starts at the middle of the Citric Acid Cycle.

And the biggest part of ATP energy in the normal cells is produced by these two cycles.

This is the trick. The microbes of cancer cells cut off big part of the glucose, because they have 15 times more glucose than normal cells and more glucose receptors than normal cells. So although they have more glucose than the normal cells, the mitochondria in cancer cells gets less of the glucose then in a normal cell. So because it has less pyruvate the cancer cell has less ATP energy, and because it has less glucose it has less pyruvate.

Can a damaged DNA be the cause for cancer?

Let’s discuss why DNA damage is present in most cancer cells. Natural medicine cancer researchers from the Virginia Livingston team have found out that one or more of the microbes in the cancer cell perforate the nucleus of the cell – where the DNA is situated.

In this case the DNA in the cell might mix with the DNA of cancer microbes and actually change the DNA in the cancer cells and cause damage to the DNA. And in conventional medicine, this is considered as a foundation of ‘gene therapy’.

But this type of damage to the DNA is not the reason for cancerous cells. It is just an indication of the microbes’ presence.

Scientists who are researching cancer, like the American Cancer Society, are attempting to repair the damage to the DNA. But it is completely useless. But this proves to the general public that they are actually searching for cure for cancer, but the truth is that they are not planning to cure cancer at all. If they have hired any of the ICRF researchers of cancer they would have found more than 25 cures in just seven days.

A lot of the organizations for conventional cancer ‘researches’ seem to do an amazing work to make it as if they are searching for cures for cancer, but actually they have no intention on finding cures for cancer at all.

The solution is the following: with the elimination of microbes in the cancer cells, Dr. Rife managed to hinder the microbes from preventing the ATP energy. And the cancerous cell could become normal cell again, when the microbes are eliminated and the ATP energy is again available for the cancer cells.

Those ICRF researchers who managed to find a the way that microbes prevent the ATP energy, also discovered more than 25 different methods on how to eliminate the microbes from the cancer cells ( these microbes indeed a bacteria– Helicobacter Pylori) and with these they could reverse the cancer cells into normal cells.

There is an example on how to eliminate the bacteria in the cancer cells. This protocol is a ‘honey and turmeric’ protocol and is from the Dirt Cheap Protocol on the Cancer Tutor Website. It has got his name because many cancer patients could not afford the natural treatments of cancer.

The fact is that cancer cells contain more glucose than the normal cells and because of that honey attracts them. And honey has the power to eliminate and kill the microbes to some level, but if you combine honey with turmeric (or something else that has the power to kill the microbes) it is way more efficient in killing the microbes. So honey serves as a ‘Trojan Horse’ in order to enter the turmeric inside the cells.

Three studies have proven that turmeric is the most powerful herb at killing the Helicobacter Pylori and the cancer cells become normal cells again. This Dirt Cheap protocol contains more than twelve different methods that include turmeric and honey, due to the fact that they are made to aim and eliminate the microbes from the cancer cells. On the Cancer Tutor Website you can find this protocol and many other natural treatments for cancer.

Also the technology of Dr. Royal Rife – which helps in transforming cancer cells in normal ones, is also replicated and updated. Also on the website, the “High RF Frequency Protocol” can do every single thing that the original Rife generators could do and plenty more and it is also automated.

So to sum up, traditional methods like carrot juice with a little beet juice mixed in are used by natural medicine researchers and they also use modern and new technologies as cure for cancer.

Many natural medicine cancer clinics exist, and some of them are managed by medical doctors who have changed to natural medicine.