The Long-kept Secret: How to Cure Your Thyroid 100% Naturally

The thyroid placed in the neck, is the main gland of energy and metabolism and at the same time, levels up the genes that are responsible for the good work of the cells. Every cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptors. The thyroid is in a way a crucial mechanism in a very complicated machine.

You can improve the work of the thyroid gland with health nutrition, rest, exercise and reduce the stress.

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from thyroid gland problems. If you experience some of the symptoms you need to see a holistic doctor where you’ll provide the necessary laboratory evidence. the doctor will help you to find the main cause of the problem. This health issue won’t disappear once the main cause is found. But, the good news is that you can cure it with proper health diet and lifestyle changes.

In addition, we present you with some ways to treat thyroid naturally:

1. Find a good holistic doctor to find the main cause of the problem

As we said before, the first step is to find what causes this condition. A good holistic doctor will find the problems that underlie the thyroid gland issues and will come up with a solution that is good for you individually.

2. Gluten-free nutrition

Gluten is one of the main causes of thyroid dysfunction because it is acid and defiant. It is considered to cause the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a common autoimmune health issue.

3. Use coconut oil

Many of the oils we use in cooking on the daily basis impede the conversion of T4 to T3, but not the coconut oil. This oil boosts the metabolism function and helps you lose weight. It is also good for your immune system and GI, which are very important for the thyroid function. It is recommended to consume coconut oil at least 1 tablespoon a day.

4 . Avoid consuming peanut and peanut butter

These products are rich in goitrogens, too.

5. Eat sea foods

Many sea vegetables like algae, kombu and wakame are rich in iodine and many healthy nutrients, which help with thyroid dysfunction.

6. Drink broth bone

Broth bones are extremely healthy and helpful in sealing the intestinal mucosa and in improving the immune system. Also, it is necessary for the good functioning of the thyroid. Make a mixture of 1 cup of broth, pinch of salt and flaked seaweeds and improve the thyroid health.

7. Level up the vitamin A, D, and K2 consumption.

These vitamins are very good for good thyroid functioning. Studies have shown that people that lack these vitamins are prone to have the thyroid disease.

8. Use natural products

A great part of the food we consume and the cosmetic products we use are toxic and filled with chemicals. This has a great influence of the thyroid gland. You should try a relaxing therapy like meditation or yoga. This would control the thyroid function, especially if the main cause for condition was stress or trauma.