The Best Natural Remedy For Cough And Sore Throat Is Ginger And Honey Wrap!

The most frequent diseases are the colds and the cough, which are very tedious and annoying. Coughing makes us weak and unable to focus and it also bothers the people around us. Anyway, no matter how boring and irritating it is, during the day it is easier to bear with. At night, it sometimes gets harder, and it can leave you without sleep. The cold and flu usually affect children due to their weaker immunity, which cannot fight the virus.

People often use cough syrup to cure these viruses, but it is not the best solution, because it only enables the transmission of the signal ij the brain which is responsible for coughing. Cough syrup contains codeine and dextromethorphan, whose job is to make us sleepy and are also responsible for many side effects like: headache, drowsiness and rapid heart activity.

Instead, you should try this natural homemade wrap.

Honey wraps

Honey is used frequently as a type of a home remedy for different issues like dry skin or even for detoxification of the body. Honey can also be used for calming coughs. It will also help to dislodge mucus from the lungs. This is a very effective treatment for adults as well for children.


Two super healthy ingredients can clean your body vessels and intestines, with a treatment that originates from the Russian medicine.

Honey wrap for healing cough

Use silver foil to make an easy and effective honey wrap, and all you need are the following ingredients:

Olive oil
Adhesive tape


First mix a little bit of honey with the flour in order to make a mix for the wrap, and do not hold it with your hands.

Put some olive oil and roll it again with flour.

Put the mixture on a napkin and then wrap it in gauze.

Apply it on your back or chest and put adhesive tape over it to hold it better.

If you use this for children, this mixture should be kept on them for about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

For adults, this mixture should stay during the night, and you should know that this will make you sweat a lot. These ingredients do not cause any side effects, but because child’s skin is softer be careful for any injuries to the skin.

We have a testimony of someone who used this silver foil wrap on her child. Her name is Rachel Lim and she is from Singapore. She shared the experience on Facebook and confirmed that it is very efficient.

She has made some changes in the mixture like, virgin coconut oil instead of using olive oil, and she puts ginger juice too into the honey-flour mixture.

She said:” Usually about 2-3hrs in his sleep [her baby], he would begin to cough profusely and whine. Last night I put foil on him, keeping it for 4 hours, and did not hear anything from him, no nasal congestion, no phlegm, not a sound! Throughout the night, not a single cough from him.

Ginger has similar properties as honey and it is very popular with the traditional medicine practitioners for calming cough and sore throat. It is believed that ginger is also the best natural solution for chest congestion.