The Amazing Oil That Prevents Hair Loss and Re-Grows Eyebrow Hair

Many of use lose the hair as we age. Even though it is a part of the aging process, hair loss can still be quite frustrating. If genetics interfere, this process can speed up. Besides hair loss, people experience other problems such as thinner hair and appearance of grays.

You will find many commercial products that offer to solve your hair problems and give your hair the necessary boost, but they rarely help. They are also filled with harmful chemicals that can result in many adverse side effects and lead to health problems.

There is also a number of products that promise to make your eyelashes and eyebrows thicker and healthier, but they also fail to achieve their purpose.

That is why many people turn to natural solutions. One such solution is castor oil. This oil has been known and used for its health benefits for thousands of years. It is packed with proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and minerals. In addition, castor oil has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties.

The long list of conditions and diseases that can be treated with this oil includes:

  • fungal infection on the feet (athlete’s foot)
  • skin damage caused by sunburn
  • menstrual cramps
  • skin issues such as acne, dark spots, and infections
  • migraines and headaches
  • digestive system obstructions
  • various hair issues, including hair loss, dandruff or infections of the scalp

Castor Oil Solves Hair Problems

All your skin and hair problems can be solved with castor oil. The omega fatty acids it contains penetrate the hair and enhance its growth. The same applies for the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Additionally, castor oil contains triglycerides of unsaturated fats which have a rejuvenating effect on the hair, as well as ricinoleic acid, which is very efficient in fighting fungal infections.

Another important property of castor oil is its ability to aid lymph flow. Doctor David William says that castor oil does what no prescribed medicine is able to do- improve the lymph flow in the body.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

#1 Castor Oil Compress

Castor oil helps with the digestive system and bowel obstructions, menstrual cramps, ovary ulcers and tumors, kidney stones, and joint swells. Preparing the following compress will be of much help.

Pour some castor oil on a gauze and place the gauze on the affected area. Place a plastic bottle filled with hot water over the gauze and leave it there for one hour or longer. Repeat at least three times a week.

#2 Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Put some castor oil on your hand, then apply it on the scalp and gently massage. The oil will penetrate the roots and follicles, opening the pores and boosting the hair growth.

#3 Castor Oil for Thicker Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Prepare a castor oil lotion that will make your brows and lashes thicker.

These are the ingredients you need:

¼ cup of castor oil
1/8 cup of panthenol
15 drops of garlic oil

Combine the ingredients and mix well. Dip your finger in the mixture and apply it on the eyebrows and eyelashes. You will need to keep your eyes closed for this, so it is wise to use it right before going to bed.