Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long

Summer time is the most favorite season for most people due to the longer daytime and the beautiful sandy beaches, but there is one thing that is very irritating and annoying and that is the presence of mosquitoes everywhere. Considering the fact that there has been a mosquito repellent even since 1956, they should not be such a nuisance today.

But, there are many people, for which this is a very huge problem. Actually, the DEET in the sprays used to repel mosquitoes has a lot of negative side-effects and they also leave an unpleasant smell of a chemicals after your spray them. But if you belong to this group of people, we have another solution for you – taking Vitamin B1.

Thiamine is another name for vitamin B1, and it presents an essential vitamin which is beneficial in reducing stress and also improving the immunity. Vitamin B1 is contained in the following foods: kale, asparagus, yeast, liver, oatmeal, eggs and brown rice.

And another good thing is that you cannot get too much of it, because it is water-soluble vitamin, and the excess amount in the body is eliminated immediately in the urine.

About the benefits of the Vitamin B1 in repelling mosquitoes – it has the ability to change your body smell and this keeps the mosquitoes away from you. The mosquitoes are repelled by the ‘yeasty’ smell of your body. But it doesn’t make you smell unpleasant and different to others. It is really fascinating, right?

Sadly, there is not real evidence for this ability of vitamin B1, even through many conducted studies, but there is no harm in trying because it doesn’t have any side-effects and it is 100% natural. Many people state that this really works. A medical entomologist – Dr. Cameron Webb states that taking vitamin B1 will not do much to repel the mosquitoes when you do the next BBQ.

On the contrary, increasing the levels of vitamin B1 is very beneficial for people who suffer from Crohn’s disease, anorexia, chronic alcoholism and gastric bypass because in these cases the levels of this vitamin in the body are reduced.

So if you want to try this out, you can prepare your own mosquito repellent or just take vitamin B1 supplements. If you choose the supplements, take 100mg of thiamine every day. And if you choose to make your own mosquito repellent, here is the recipe:

Natural Mosquito Repellent


  • ½ teaspoon of witch hazel
  • 15 drops of lavender oil
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil
  • Cooled boiled water


  • Take a spray bottle of 8 oz and fill it half with the boiled water
  • Then put the lavender oil, tea tree oil and the witch hazel
  • Spray the repellent on the body when you need