Sprinkle Cinnamon Around Your Home and You Will Never See Ants Again!

Sometime it is very difficult to get rid of the ants in your home.

The chemical product are not always efficient – or you are endangering your and the health of your family.

But there is something that the manufacturers of these products, keep as a secret.

When you are dealing with ants in your home, you can purchase expensive product full with harmful chemical that result in headaches, nausea and rasher, or leaving them. But luckily there is a third option for you. And you probably already have this in your kitchen.


That’s correct!

Many people do not know all the benefits that cinnamon has to offer, but on the other hand ants are as well unaware too.

It makes them disoriented because cinnamon has the ability to interfere with their communication mean – pheromone trails.

They use these pheromone trails for guidance of each other towards particular place, by using their sense of smell, elaborate trails.

Many people have never noticed a specific smell around the ants, even though their home is full with them.

This is quite common.

This smell of the pheromones of ants cannot be noticed by humans, and it is minimal. But and are able to notice it using their ‘sniffing’ abilities.

And if they have such great power of smelling even the slight smells, think about how the powerful smell like the one of cinnamon will be for them.

The smell of cinnamon can disorient them and they cannot have proper navigation. And at the same time, your home will have the scent of Christmas.


It is very simple, just sprinkle some powdered cinnamon on the places where you have seen the ants holes. You should also sprinkle it close to the garbage cans, doors, windows, crack and other.

You can also use cinnamon essential oil instead of sprinkling natural powdered cinnamon. Just apply some on the cracks and the doorways in your house.

Here is a video in which you can see how this actually works:

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