She Puts a Bar of Soap Under Her Sheet. The Reason Why is Genius!

The RLS (restless leg syndrome) and muscle spasms are conditions that usually happen at night during sleeping. They can be hurtful and extremely frustrating especially for someone who desperately wants to relax.

RLS is a disorder of the nervous system that causes bad feelings in the legs when the person tries to rest. The precise reason why is this happening is not known, but it has been connected with some health problems such as diabetes, pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, over-consumption of alcohol and use of medicines.

Another issue that happens at night when the person wants to sleep and relax is the nocturnal leg cramp. If you have these problems, it is not recommendable to move your leg because it will intensify your pain. Leg cramps are usually provoked by extreme exercise, dehydration and vitamin and mineral insufficiency.

Messages, hot shower, drinking larger amount of water and right nutrition can help you with these conditions. But, try and place a bar of soap under your bed cover and stop these unsettling conditions now!

More than 42% of the people who suffer from these syndromes use regularly this method to reduce them. These conditions are caused by the lack of magnesium in the body and some of the doctors think that it is the magnesium contained in the soap that stops the problems.

According to Dr. Oz, it is best to use lavender soap because it has a natural essence that relaxes the muscles.