See What Drinking a Lot of Water Did to This Woman. Shocking!

Most of us know how beneficial drinking water is to our bodies. However, only a few of use practice drinking large amounts of water during the day. Maybe the results of the following experiment will change your mind.

Sarah Smith, a 41-year-old mother of two from Britain, used to be one of the many people who did not have the habit of consuming the recommended amounts of water. She had problems with the digestion combined with headaches that appeared almost every day.

Sarah’s Water Experiment

When she consulted her physician, he advised her to increase the amount of water to solve both of these problems. At first, she was skeptical, but she decided she had nothing to lose and started a private experiment. To see if the doctor was right about the magical influence water has on our organisms, she kept records of the whole experiment, which included photos of herself taken at different stages. She was determined to consume about 6 pints of water daily for a period of one month.

Picture zero. This was the pic she took before she started drinking large amounts of water. She wrote under it that she looked ten years older, with dark circles around her eyes. She also noted that she looked tired, with dull skin, a lot of wrinkles and red spots.

She used a jug to measure the water and distributed it throughout the whole day – in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Week One of the Experiment

The first improvement Sarah noticed was the bowel function. Her urine was lighter and cleaner. This was due to the fact that large amounts of water passing through the kidneys cleaned them from previously deposited toxins and boosted their function.

The elimination of toxins also showed on the skin, i.e. the red spots were reduced. Headaches were also reduced, together with the stiffness in the joints she used to feel in the morning. the fact is, water acts as a natural lubricant for the joints.

Week Two

Her complexion was much better. The wrinkles remained, especially around the eyes, but the dark circles reduced.

Another improvement was the less bloated stomach. Her husband even noted that her cellulite had decreased. The best part was that the headaches did not come back.

Week Three

At this point, even the persistent wrinkles and dark shadows around the eyes started fading. Sarah’s skin was visibly healthier and glowing.

She also observed that her appetite had decreased. This confirms the theory that very often we mistakenly believe to be hungry when or bodies simply send us signals that we are thirsty. Drinking plenty of water prevented such false hunger alarms and made Sarah eat less during the day.

Week Four

At the end of the experiment, Sarah said she looked like a different woman. Her skin was softer, without dark circles and spots. She was slimmer and in a much better shape than before. Her headaches disappeared and she felt much more energetic. And all this with no other change in her lifestyle than increasing the daily water intake!