Scientists Have Proven That Negativity Literally Makes Cancer Grow Inside The Body

Emotions can be divided to negative and positive. Everyone has felt some negativity in the lifetime, but do you know what negative emotions can do to your body and your health.

Not is only your mind affected when you feel some regret, or having feeling of resentment even when you are replay unwanted memories, but your body as well feels that pain.

That is why is stated that the negative emotions have bad influence on the organism causing even an overwhelming disease. But luckily there can be found a solution and that solution comes in the form of forgiveness.

For many individuals forgiveness is considered as a sign of weakness or obedience or even both and for this reason many of them chose not to forgive someone and to obtain inner peace.

Get rid of negative energy, it could be lifesaving!!!

Psychologists from The Greater Good Science Center have definition for forgiveness and it is based on the conscious decision to relief from feelings that makes you resentment or to revenge, nevertheless if that person or group of people deserves forgiveness.

It should be pointed out that forgiveness is not an event but a process. Here is the difference among the decisional and emotional forgiveness.

According to some scientists: “Decisional forgiveness is a behavioral intention to resist an unforgiving stance and to respond differently toward a transgressor. Emotional forgiveness is the change the negative unforgiving emotions with positive other-oriented emotions. There are some psychophysiological changes in emotional forgiveness, and gives well-being consequences and direct health.”

The Journal of Behavioral Medicine has published a case study related to forgiveness in which the forgiving person is considered to be only individuals who are psychologically healthy and subjective by character.

Other case studies have shown positive results form forgiveness like better and peaceful sleep, reduced intake of medicines, better physical symptoms, feeling no fatigue and only few somatic illnesses.

Also it is important to be mentioned that forgives has key role in the heart-protective issues. American Journal of Cardiology, made a study in which anger as negative emotion and some other negative emotions have some cardio toxic effects and the forgiveness has the opposite effect or cardio-protective properties.

Improve your life by forgiving

On this subject the Hope College’s Psychology has made a research study in which 35 were females and 36 male participants. The tests were based on the revisited painful memories and bitterness. The main focus was set on the blood pressure, rate of the heart, the facial tension in muscles and the work of the sweat gland activity.

According to the study the participants were pleased to imagine granting forgiveness toward the real life offenders. The results showed that thoughts of forgiveness have lower stress level and perceived bigger control, opposite to the negative emotions where trigger bigger stressful response as well swear production, while the forgiveness is responsible for lowering blood pressure and relaxation of the facial muscles.

Cancer and what about that?

In many medical books forgiveness is considered to be a type of disease. According to Steven Standiford which is also chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers America, when you are not forgiving people who previously have done something bad, makes you feel sick and out of the way.

Dr. Standiford had stated that is crucial to treat emotional injuries or disorders since they really can hinder further reaction to the treatment no matter is someone willingness to follow the treatment.

Looking at the last century disease, forgiveness plays important role in the cancer prevention. According to Dr. Michael Barry even 61% of the cancer patients had problems with forgiveness.

“With protection of the negative emotions this anger like hatred, creates a state of chronic anxiety,”. Because of the excess adrenalin and cortisol which have effect on the cancer issue.

Use this information:

Try to let go our hurting memories and embrace the forgiveness and keep in mind that the person that made you cry is also a human being. First of all you must forgive you the person who hurt you the most. So if you want to relieve your soul as well and your body and to feel healthier than ever you must try to forgive someone and point all of the feelings and e free and lighter and even healthiest.