Scientists Have Invented a Cannabis Milk That Fights Anxiety, and It Will be Approved for Sale Very Soon!

The new cannabis milk is considered great for fighting anxiety,relieving stress, reducing pain, and regulating sleeping problems.

Like the oil, the “Relax Milk”contains hemp seeds, mixed with dates, cashews, coconut oil, oil, water and vanilla.

The product was invented by Michael Isted, a psychotherapist that is also a consultant to “Rawligion.” His idea was to create a beverage that will contain the many health benefits of CBD.

CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties, so you won’t get high. On the other hand, it has all the nourishing elements found in its source plant – hemp.

In order to benefit from the hemp nutrients, you don’t need to get high. The CBD oil works with the internal cannabinoid system within the body, which is responsible for controlling the homeostasis. This has a very beneficial influence on the mood, sleep, immune system, hormonal balance and pain regulation.

CBD is not simply a cannabis extract. It is gaining more and more popularity as an alternative medication. A new legislation passed on November 1st has made CBD an official medicine.

Is the CBD Milk Efficient?

Made with vanilla, coconut oil, and CBD oil, “Relax” tastes just like almond milk but with a cannabis twist. However, the big question is: will this milk relieve anxiety symptoms as it claims?

John Taba, the founder “Rawligion”answers affirmatively. The bases for such a claim are the numerous reports that say consumers feel more relaxed and calmer after drinking the milk.

The founder notes the precaution measures you should bear in mind in order to get the most advantages of the beverage.

He says that even though it is mild in taste, this milk does produce the desired result, but only if you use it thoughtfully. And by thoughtfully, he means to consume it moderately and with the purpose to achieve tranquility, instead as a drink you consume to quench the thirst.