Scientists Discover Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones, & Even Makes Them Stronger

Cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD)or the marijuana chemical is proved to be highly beneficial in speeding up the process of healing fractures and it can also strengthen the bones, as it was showed from a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research and it was conducted by experts from Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. It does not give any psychotropic effects.

The expert – Yankel Gabet stated that marijuana has the ability to promote the maturation of collagenous matrix, and thus makes the bones stronger; due to the ability to enhance a better basis for new mineralization of the tissue in bones. He also added that bones that are treated with CBD, are less likely to break in the future.

Bones have Cannabinoid Receptors

The experts in one study injected some CBD and other chemical with CBD tetrahydrocannabinol on rats on their previously caused femoral fracture. After that they observed the process of healing in comparison to those rats that did not get this treatment with marijuana chemicals.

The results showed that whether the CBD was combined together with THC – it gave the same effect in rats that received the treatment.

Gabet added that the CBD is highly efficient alone in promoting the healing process of fractures.

Many other studies also proved the safety of CBD and it makes us consider the fact that it can be also beneficial and needs to be studied further more in order to evaluate its benefit in enhancing the healing process of fractures in people.

This study also showed that our body has receptors that react to the cannabinoid compounds and that they are not restricted by the brain.

This is mostly due to the fact that we are built with inherent receptors and compounds that are made to react to compounds form the cannabis plant.

The previous study showed that our skeleton has cannabinoid receptors that can promote the formation of bones and also prevent bone loss. The latest study also gave proof for these results.

Medical Marijuana gives indisputable benefits

There are many studies that are being conducted to discover all the health benefits that marijuana has, and also of the CBD. The results of these studies opened many new discoveries including the benefits of marijuana in treating bone disease and osteoporosis.

Gabet states that the cannabinoid-related compounds have undisputable clinical potential.

We can firmly say that we still need to investigate further in order to develop the suitable treatments, but for now it is known that it is feasible to apply a clinical therapy objective taken from the psychoactivity of cannabis. The CBD, which is the main agent in the research, contains no psychoactivity and is mainly an anti-inflammatory. The number of health benefits of medical marijuana is increasing constantly. Now medical marijuana is utilized for improving the appetite in AIDS patients, lowering the side-effects of chemotherapy and for chronic pain. It also gives a positive outcome in reducing the symptoms of HIV and controlling the levels of blood sugar. Its benefits are also being evaluated in cases of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Many studies have proved that CBD prevents the metastasis to spread of many cancer types and can also destroy the leukemia cells and can even stop and prevent seizures.

One study which was published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2013, proved that CBD is as effective as the common antipsychotic medication used in treating paranoia and schizophrenia, and it does not have any negative effects. The CBD is considered as a safe antipsychotic.

Even though it is still illegal to use marijuana in the USA, CBD is approved to be used for certain medical function in 17 states in America and for research. Marijuana is legal to use in 23 different countries.

But, on the other hand the federal government has not made medical marijuana legal yet. But this may be changed in short period of time. CBD extracts have been endorsed by the FDA for treating the Dravet syndrome, which is a type of childhood epilepsy. The clinical trials are giving better results each time.

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