Relieve Stress in Just a Few Minutes with This Incredible Technique

Our fast-pacing lives are often stress inducing and the main reason for many physical and mental disorders.

Is it possible to get rid of stress in just a few minutes?

You might be a skeptic about this, but this technique is definitely worth a try. It is a simple exercise that involves walnuts.

This walnut exercise is an excellent solution for every person that experiences nervous breakdowns and other issues.

You will need two walnuts.

Many people know that few active points can be found on our hands that are directly connected to the functioning of our internal organs. Applying pressure on specific points can relieve us from pain in different parts of our body.

The walnut’s crust provides a soothing feeling on your palms. Therefore walnuts are considered to be the best massaging object you can use.


  1. Hold 2 walnuts in each hand and do circular motions.
  2. Place the walnuts in the middle of your palm and lightly squeeze your palm with your other hand and do circular motions.
  3. Easily massage the tips of your fingers on both hands.
    This type of exercises is a great way to instantly relieve stress and calm your body in extreme situation. We highly recommend you try it out and share the experience with your friends and family.


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