How To Properly Plant A Tomato To Get 5–8ft Plants

The development of tomatoes depends of the way that they have been planted, so you need to plant the tomatoes correctly and you will enjoy in them during the summer.

In this article you will read the instructions for proper planting, and this technique will provide you with fresh, sun-warmed and the most delicious tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a plant that is very simple to grow and it produces lots of fruits. They cannot thrive in cold conditions and they need to be in heat.

Here are the instructions for planting a tomato plant properly and achieve height of 508ft the next summer:

The first thing you need to start with is to buy a tomato plant, and you will plant it in your garden. If you want, you can also start with seeds. If you choose the seed, you need to plant it first in a pot and place it inside near a window or greenhouse for about 30 day before planting it outside.

Then find the area with the most amount of sunlight in your garden. It must have at least 7 hour of direct sunlight. You must plant the tomatoes at least 1 ft from each other. Then dig a big hole, about 2 feet deep because the plant needs to be put whole in the soil.

After that, put fish head inside the hole. You can find fish head easily, in some restaurants, at a fishmonger or at the butcher’s. Instead of heads, you can replace them and put shrimp shells, lobster, crab or guts, tails and spines from the fish.

If you do not want to use these, you can put 2 handfuls of fish meat. And also put 2 aspirins in the hole, in order to strengthen the immunity of the tomatoes, and also about 3-4 shells of chicken eggs, due to their content rich in calcium which is beneficial in preventing rotting of the blossom end.

After you fill the hole, also put some bone meal which will provide the plant with organic phosphorus, needed for the production of blossom and it will also increase the number of fruits. Also it will increase the levels of calcium. You also need to put an organic fertilizer -- Gardner & Bloome’s Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer. It is abundant in macronutrients of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. If you like, you can also put some warm castings at the bottom.

After you have added all of these things, the hole is prepared for planting. Then take the plant, cut off the lower leaves and plant it in the hole.

After that, cover the plant and the hole with 1-2 inches of soil. To protect the plant from any disease, you need to spray it with 1/3 cup of Xtreme Gardening’s Mykos.

Before you finish, see again if the plant is down, and if it is put some extra soil before you put the plant inside. You should not press hard on the soil or stomp on it, because you will deprive the root from oxygen.

When you plant the tomato, you should also dig a small well around the tomatoes for better watering.

At the beginning you need to water the tomatoes 3 times and then wait to completely drain.
When you try this technique, these tomatoes will be the best you have ever eaten.