Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug’

Cocaine and heroin are considered to be most lethal thing, but this is not entirely true, because there is something else that is more lethal than them.

The Ireland’s best pathologist states that tramadol – which is a commonly prescribed painkiller is claiming more lives than any other thing.

Can you believe that?

But, if a person takes the tramadol in the prescribed dosage, it will not cause any damage and the person will be fine. But if you combine it with other drugs or alcohol, the chances are just like the Russian Roulette.

We consider that people are unaware of the dangers that tramadol bring when they take it. People think that all prescription medications are not harmful, including tramadol -- Says the State Pathologist for NI – Professor Jack Crane.

This medication for severe and moderate pain is based on opiate and it must be available only on prescription – and in 2014 it was made to be Class C illegal medication without prescription.

But unfortunately, many people are using the black market to get the illegal drugs as the anti-drug campaigners say.

Prof. Jack Crane has stood up to state he fears more individuals will die unless they do some preventing actions to close the black market.

He demands for tramadol to be classified into Class A.

In America this is also occurring with Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, the most commonly used painkillers. Individuals are getting dependent on them in records numbers to the point where it’s considered to be an epidemic.

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