Pour Hot Water on Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax APPEARS

The nature has given us many superfoods and fruits are one of them. They are very similar to candies, because of their sweet taste. Besides that, they do not have anything else in common. Fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins and also offer numerous health benefits which are essential for our health, and candies on the other hand have zero nutritional value. But there is one thing – fruits are usually covered with wax, the same ingredient that is used for motor oils. So we must say that this wax can have a detrimental effect on our health.

Fruit Wax Coverings

Fruit is usually covered in wax by the farmers or the manufacturers to keep them fresh longer time and extend their shelf life. First they take out the natural wax of the fruit and then they cover them in petroleum-based wax.

Fruit Wax Ingredients

Companies are not obliged to discover the origin if the wax, because it is considered as a food ingredient. But there are a lot of disagreements about this matter, regarding the ingredients from which is made the wax. So far it is known that the ingredient used in the production of the wax have allergens like gluten, dairy and soy.

What’s more frightening is that most of the wax used for this purpose also has preservatives and fungicides and they also add artificial colors to improve the appearance of the fruit. These dyes that are used in food products are linked to increased risk of cancer.

What can we do in order to avoid this dangerous wax?

Although we know that most of the wax used in food products also has compound that are dangerous for the human health, a lot of the companies make wax that is produced with only natural ingredients. Here are some of the brands that use only wax with natural ingredient – Syncera, Tal-Prolong and Semper Fresh.

Beeswax, wood resin and carnauba wax are the ingredients used to make organic wax. What’s even more important is that this wax do not contain any artificial preservatives, petroleum- based ingredients and fungicides.

So if you want to protect your health, it is best to buy fruit that is not covered with wax, like the one from the farmer’s market. Also, buy fruit when it is its season because then it doesn’t have any preservatives.

They say that they use wax in order to protect the fruit from accumulating any bacteria and fungus, but they also put color on the fruit to improve its look. So because of this, we may ask whether the real reason for covering the fruit with wax is just to make the fruit look better and with that to appeal us to buy more of it.

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