Poor Quality Olive Oil Companies Revealed – The Brands To Avoid

Olive oil is the healthiest of all oil and because of that it is most popular around the world. It is also most commonly an object to fraud.

In the U.S. has been conducted an investigation and it proved that even seven of the best brands of olive oil have added cheaper oil in their olive oil such as canola and sunflower in order to make a bigger profit – and this affects our health.

Vegetable oil with poor quality can lead to many negative effects on our health, and they are full with pesticides and are frequently modified genetically.

Olive oil has many benefits and it is amazing and very healthy, it is also very beneficial as a cosmetic product for skin and hair. In the cuisine it is used in many meals because it has a great taste and contains a lot of healthy fats. It is also very profitable. The olive oil industry is susceptible to big international chain of criminal.

Corrupted Industry

In 2008 an operation was performed by 400 Italian police officers in order to stop the olive oil fraud. They closed about 85 oil farms which were mixing chlorophyll with canola and sunflower oil in order to get ‘extra virgin olive oil’. They flavoured, coloured, perfumed and mixed the oil and after that the distributed it as ‘extra virgin olive oil’.

After this investigation, Australia also took initiative inside their own olive oil industry and discovered that all of their olive oil brands were not real olive oil. None received certificate. These olive oil frauds and many other, in a way forced the University of California to conduct studies on more than 124 brands of virgin olive oil which were imported. Unfortunately only 30% passed the test. And a lot of these brands are widely used.

Get Real Olive Oil

If you want to buy real olive oil do not buy ‘light’ olive oil and you will avoid the ‘fake’ one. Italian oils are more mixed with other substances than the Spanish, Australian and Californian olive oil, but a certification of the International Olive Oil Council proves that this oil is ‘real’ and safe to buy. You can also investigate on your own. Purchase small bottles of olive oil to conduct your own test.

This test is easy and it will give you the answer if the olive oil is real or fake and you can even test it at home. Just put the olive oil in the fridge for about half an hour. If the oil is solidifying in the fridge it means that it contains monounsaturated fat, which it should contain and tells you that your olive oil is real. But if the olive oil stays liquid it is a sign that it has been mixed with other oils. So if you want to verify your olive oil this test is the best way to do it, even though it is not a perfect test.

Deceitful and sneaky

My personal reaction to this information is that I was stunned because I frequently use olive oil in my meals. I expect that the manufacturers of olive oil will be aware of what kind of health issues they are causing in order for their business to be more profitable.

The customers have the right to know exactly what they are purchasing using and for the brands to present their products as they really are. It is not just about the money that people are spending, but the fact that this is affecting the health as well. People are actually buying olive oil full with unknown and unlabeled chemicals that can cause many serious health problems.

Brands which passed the test:

Bariani Olive Oil
Kirkland Organic
Olea Estates
Cobram Estate
Corto Olive
McEvoy Ranch Organic
California Olive Ranch

Brands which did not pass the test:

Antica Badia
Felippo Berio
Whole Foods

These are the results from a study conducted in 2011. Today they are still investigating to see if any of the brands have improved their production and practice.

Alternative Approaches

Another thing you can do is to lower the usage of olive oil. But even with the low use make sure that you buy olive oil which has passed the test from the list. You can also replace your cookware with ones that do not need oil, or instead of oil add water when cooking vegetables. But if you must use oil in some recipes, replace the olive oil with something healthier.

Much healthier alternative to olive oil is coconut oil. It does not become rancid like many oil do and it actually has a high smoke limit. If you do not your meal to have a coconut flavor, you can use expeller-pressed coconut oil. This type of coconut oil does not smell or taste like coconut. You can use coconut oil as a spread for muffins, toast and many savory meals because it is solid at room temperature.

But there have been divided opinions about the cooking with olive oil. Many state that olive oil is not good consumed raw and in cold-pressed form, but other people especially those from the Mediterranean have been using it and cooking with olive oil for many centuries. Why is there a divided opinion about this?

Maybe this is because of the fact that olive oil becomes rancid at certain temperature and it has a low smoke point. And some people say that this is not very healthy. So what leaves you to do is to investigate this for yourself and decide if this is good or bad thing to cook with olive oil.

So our advice is to only buy olive oil that is proved to be healthy and safe, and do not purchase the ones that have been mixed with canola or sunflower oil. Another thing is that you can only use olive oil with salads or just a bit of it in your meal after it has been cooked.

Source: www.collective-evolution.com