Over 4000 Cancer Patients Healed in the Last 60 Years by this German Doctor

In the fifties of the twentieth century, the well-known biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig, has developed an oil-protein diet, which can help in treating of various very serious illnesses. Dr. Budwig, has written many books, and as a result of her research, she has been nominated for six Nobel Prizes.

Dr. Budwig believed that a vast number of the serious illnesses, primarily comes as a result of a bad diet, the improper processing of the cooking oil and the food to be exact, mostly, the over cooking of the oil. She has started this discussion right after realizing that there are crucial components for the human body missing from the blood of those who suffer from cancer, such as lipoproteins and phosphatides.

These components should be fully compensated in order to cure the disease. The lipoproteins and phosphatides deficit causes an oxygen deficit in the cells, so that is why Dr. Budwig started searching for a method to bring back the oxygen in the cells. She discovered that this could be done by combining certain types of food, so she has developed a special diet, called Budwig diet, or Budwig diet protocol.

Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese

This diet consists of flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese as it is shown by the name. This diet helps you reactivate the vital functions of the cells. This can be achieved by taking out the natural unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in the flaxseed. One mixture of it with low-fat cottage cheese can make it dissolvable in water.

These two ingredients, could also be combined with other healthy foods – fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, many of the edible nuts, cereals, rice, lentils, teas and honey.

Budwig Diet Protocol

The patients with serious diseases should take at least 40 to 50 grams of flaxseed oil combined with 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. This amount could be eaten all at once in one meal, or it also can be deployed and it can be eaten in multiple meals. If you decide to consume this mixture in multiple meals, you should make the mixture each time you consume it because if it stays for a longer period of time the mixture loses its beneficial effects.

The cottage cheese could also be replaced with yogurt or kefir, but if you decide to do so you should put three times more of these ingredients than you did with the cottage cheese. To get a better taste of this mixture you can also add in some fresh and organic fruit, crushed hazelnuts and a tablespoon of honey. However the main ingredient that you should be eating with this is flaxseed.

Dr. Budwig also recommends the “sunlight therapy” also known as “heliotherapy” along with this diet, and also avoiding stress.

Diet for the Sick and the Healthy

Budwig diet protocol is used to treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and various other illnesses. But, this type of diet is not reserved just for the patients with serious illnesses. This type of diet could also be used by people who are healthy as a preventive measure.

Important Rules When Implementing the Budwig Diet Protocol

  1. Consume a lot of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables
  2. Consume nuts
  3. Drink at least 3l of fluids per day
  4. Drink freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices
  5. Walk 30 to 60 minutes per day
  6. Don’t consume sweet food it is forbidden
  7. Don’t consume red meat it is forbidden

What is Forbidden When Implementing the Budwig Diet Protocol

The sugar is strictly forbidden, so you could implement the organic, homemade honey in your diet as a substitution. Also, don’t use meat and meat products, cakes and pastries, pasta and canned food. When it comes to the oils you can only use the coconut oil and the flaxseed oil which has to be unrefined and cold-pressed. The coconut oil can be heated, but you cannot heat the flaxseed oil. This diet also forbids you to eat sea food because they are full of toxins. The usage of cosmetics and household products which contain pesticides and chemicals is also not recommended, instead, you can use ingredients like baking soda, and vinegar for cleaning. Stop preparing your food in a microwave oven and also stop cooking in aluminum or Teflon made pots and pans.

When You Should Expect the Results?

You are going to be able to feel the results after only few days, and the disease should be cured in the 1 year to five-year timeframe. Dr. Budwig also recommends not stopping this food regiment after you have cured the disease, which will help you stop the disease from returning.
You can Find Budwig’s books in the following link: Budwig’s Books