Oregano Oil is Far More Superior Than Prescription Antibiotics, Without The Side Effects

Sadly but we have to say that occasionally our health is in great danger, which can result with the terrible outcome. We are getting more resistant to medication, and in some cases antibiotics are not effective any more. This can be compared with ancient time when modern medicine was not developed and even some minor disease could be lethal.

Developing a resistance to antibiotics is a result of excessive use from us and from the poultry, beef and pork industries.

But a lot of people do not like to use antibiotics unless it is a serious condition, and they let the body to fight on its own with the illness and the infection. But this is wrong.

Taking antibiotics when the body doesn’t actually need they can lead to more serious problems, and it puts the immune system in a difficult condition, and the already low immunity also gets more tension when the antibiotics unselectively kill the bacteria.

Antibiotics do not act the same way as our immune system in defeating bacteria because they also eliminate the ‘good’ bacteria which are essential for helping the body to detox and to boost the immune system.

So you should be careful about taking antibiotics and always consult a doctor, whether you should use antibiotics.

70% of the total amount of used antibiotics in the USA belongs to the beef industry. They represent the highest risk in the entire healthcare system.

The beef companies claim that everything they do, they do it for us, even these no ethical and unsafe actions. But we all probably know that money is all they care about.

What you can do in order to protect yourself from antibiotic overuse is to choose natural remedies and to consume just proven organic and natural meat.

Essential oils are the solution for this problem. Essential oils can replace the toxic cosmetics; they can be used as natural pesticides and also natural cleaners.

A study conducted in 2011, showed that a mix of cinnamon, chili peppers and oregano essential oils can actually be as effective as the toxic antibiotics that are given to poultry in order to fight infections, and not to mention that the essential oil are much better and safer. Also thyme essential oil is very good against bacteria.

So we advise you to replace the antibiotics with these essential oils, and you will see the benefits from them as they cure infections effectively and do not damage your health.