Never Use Ginger If You Have Any Of These Conditions- It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Ginger belongs to Zingiberaceae family and its scientific name is Zingiber Officinale. Its other more common names are zingiber rhizome, ginger root, and black ginger. Ginger originally comes from China and it is a flowering plant. It is well known for its healthy benefits since it is abundant with nutrients and bioactive compounds. In the past few years, ginger is regarded to as the healthiest plant and it is used in cooking and in medicine.

The ginger is well-supplied with enzymes that help with the food digestion and at the same time, detoxify the body. That makes it excellent medicine for people who suffer from digestive system diseases. So, it comes as no surprise when we face the fact that ginger is regarded as “the most powerful herb in the world”.

However, as useful as it might be, there are some conditions when the ginger must be avoided.

  • Pregnancy

Ginger contains strong stimulants that are very good for your muscles and the gastrointestinal tract. But, ginger consumption during pregnancy can lead to preterm labor. That is why it is recommended to avoid it especially in the last trimester of the pregnancy.

Also, ginger impedes the ingestion of fat-soluble vitamins and iron.

Consulting your doctor, you can use ginger in small dose because it prevents nausea in the early pregnancy.

  • Underweight problems

Ginger is rich in fiber that encourages the digestive enzymes and boosts the pH level of the stomach. So, if you are underweight and you want to gain some weight, you need to lower the ginger consumption.

Also, ginger speeds up the fat burning and decreases the desire for food. If you have low BMI (body mass index) it is best not to consume it in order to avoid some health issues such hair loss, irregular menstrual period and low muscle mass.

  • Blood disorders

Ginger is known to stimulate blood circulation and the blood flow and as such it is highly recommended to those who have diabetes, fatness, Raynaud’s disease or PAD (peripheral artery disease). On the other hand, it can be fatal for people that suffer from hemophilia, a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to coagulate is dangerously decreased, thus causing critical bleeding from even a slight injury. Ginger revokes the effects of other medicines and the overstimulation of the blood circulation can lead to deadly bleeding.

  • Medicine consumption

Ginger changes the effects that certain medicines have on your body because it lowers the blood pressure and prompts blood thinning. That is the reason why people that have diabetes or high blood pressure shouldn’t consume ginger. Anticoagulants, beta-adrenergic blocking agents, and insulin are specifically precarious if combined with ginger.

  • Ginger alternatives

Sweet peppers, red paprika, and cayenne pepper are a great alternative for ginger. Milka Raicevic, a nutritionist, claims that peppers have similar effects as ginger. You can consume the red paprika if you want more spicy food or sweet peppers if you don’t. You can add them in your lemon water and make an excellent detoxification drink.

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