Mix These 2 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To The Sinusitis, Phlegm, Flu, Rhinitis And More…

The cold today can be called with many different names such as rhinitis, flu, phlegm, sinusitis and many others. The sinusitis is caused by inflammation in the sinuses and it is a result of bacterial, viral and fungal infections and allergies. This medical condition has various symptoms such as facial pain, plugged nose, fatigue, cough, thick nasal mucus, headaches and congestion. The most common treatment is with prescription antibiotics but sadly, they come with many side-effects. This is the most important reason why to avoid the antibiotics and instead, turn to natural remedies that are as efficient and have no negative effects. Here you will find one natural remedy that is very efficient in eliminating the symptoms and treat your condition very quickly.

Here is the recipe:


  • Ginger
  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Take one glass bowl and mix the apple cider vinegar with the grated ginger. Then seal the jar with the lid. Leave it to stay for about ten days at room temperature and you need to shake it from time to time.


The first phase of the treatment involves inhaling the remedy with a towel on your head over the bowel. The next step is to put a soaked handkerchief on your neck and keep overnight. Do this for 5 days and it will reduce the inflammation in the sinuses. The smell of ginger is also beneficial in treating the pain.

You can also use ginger in case if sinusitis. The recipe is very simple – just put 50 gr of ginger in a pot with water and boil it. When it is boiled, lower your head, cover it with a towel and inhale. This will help you relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and also reduce the congestion. Each of these methods is equally efficient, so it is up to you which to choose, and the best thing is that is has no negative effects and it is even more efficient that the prescribed antibiotics.

We hope that this remedy will help you with your condition and you will pass it on to other friends and family.

Source: www.healthylifebyte.com