These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

Microwave ovens are regularly used for meal preparation in over 90% of American homes.

Electromagnetic waves are used in microwave ovens, and the molecules inside the food react to the microwave radiation, and they move, vibrate and heat up.

Magnetron is the part which is in command of producing waves in the microwave oven. The wave energy, produced in the microwave turns molecules from positive into negative polarization. This action goes on for more than millions of times for a second. The food molecules absorb the microwaves, and it makes them radiate at the same time for more than million times for a second. This action heats the food by causing “ structural isomerism” – which is a type of damage to the structure of the molecules.

A study has been conducted in order to see the effects that the microwave food has on human health. Eight people have been observed during a period of eight weeks. They have lived in an isolated and controlled environment while eating raw foods, cooked foods and microwaved foods. After every meal, their blood has been tested to see if there is any change, and it showed that eating microwaved food causes important changes to the blood chemistry.

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMF)

We have all noticed that when we heat up food into the microwave, it is not always evenly heated, but do you know why?

This is because microwaves are absorbed mostly in the water molecules, and because not all areas of food have the same quantity of water molecules, the food does not become evenly heated.

Another study has been led to investigate the changes made when breast milk is heated in the microwave. One of the scientists who conducted the study noticed that heating breast milk even at the lowest setting can change its rich structure and can destroy many important “disease-fighting capabilities.” Many other important changes have been noticed in the milk.

In 1991, a patient died in Oklahoma hospital after receiving blood that has been heated in the microwave.

In 1976 in Russia, microwaves have been forbidden to use due to the negative effect on health.

Food from microwave oven can also cause a negative effect on the electrical impulses to the brain leading to serious brain damage.

Constant use of microwaved food can cause the appearance of cancerous cells into the blood.

All the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that food contains are destroyed when it is cooked in the microwave. It can also cause other stomach diseases and growth of cancer cells in the intestines. This is the main reason of the increased number of colon cancer, particularly in America.

The use of microwave food affects the immune system making it weak through lymph gland and serum alterations.

Often use of microwave foods can cause lack of concentration, emotional instability, loss of memory and decrease of intelligence. Heating milk in a microwave oven can create carcinogens acids from amino.

Also defrosting fruits can turn their glucoside and galactoside into carcinogenic substances.