Massive Recall: Your Himalayan Salt Lamp May Harm You

The magnificent Himalayan rock salt lamps have become very popular and everyone wants to have one for some reason. Many people are attracted to the look of the lamp and some are appealed by its numerous health benefits.

But what is concerning about them is the brand. Thousands of Himalayan rock salt lamps are summon back by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This is for three lamps of the brand Lumiere which were sold at Michaels from July and November 2016. But do not feel relieved if you have bought yours from Amazon.

There were some accidents in which the lamps caught fire and shocked and the Michael’s stores had to summon back about 80,000 pink Himalayan salt lamps.

The three lamps from Lumiere had dimmer switches and plugs that can overheat and ignite and they are the Carnival of Lights, Rock of Gibraltar and the Basket of Rocks. Nobody wants this type of incident to happen with their lamp.

These lamps were made from blocks of pink salt.

So everyone was asked to check the barcode on the lamp, and in case they have purchased any of these lamps, to return them to US Michaels stores and they will get the money back.

Michael’s spokesman said they have summoned back all the lamps sold from July to November 2016, from the line of Lumiere Himalayan salt Lamps.

He also added that they have prioritized the well-being and the safety of all the customers and have taken instant measure and removed the product from the supply chain, inventories and their stores. And he also offered an apology to all the customers that were involved in this inconvenient situation as well as they provided full refunds.

Did you buy any of these lamps?

If you have purchased these three lamps that were summoned back, check the UPC and SKU numbers:

  • Carnival of Lights — SKU 495433, UPC 00886946058325
  • Basket of Rocks — SKU 495146, UPC 00886946056277
  • Rock of Gibraltar Lamp — SKU 495144, UPC 00886946056253

Check the lamp and the box from the lamp to find these numbers.

After that, unplug the lamp immediately! Take the lamp to Michael’s store to get a refund, or do this when you have the time.

The main purpose of these lamps was to give a dim light in your home and to cleanse the air in the room.

These lamps are very popular and scientists can explain that. The Himalayan pink salt lamps are able to raise the number of negative ions and keep them in.

Why are these lamps so powerful?

This is the real power and ability of the Himalayan pink salt lamp:

  • Soak up the moisture from the air in the room and increase the number of ions.
  • Neutralizes the ‘electro-smog’ in the room
  • Has a soothing effect
  • Absorbs humidity and the surface is moist
  • Attracts positive ions with its negative ions
  • Reduces irritants and allergens

The performance of the Himalayan salt lamp is connected with three main action principles.

1. Ionization

When the salt is heated, it soaks the water from the room and then it evaporates it. By doing this it frees the ions from the process of altering. And also when the salt comes in contact with water molecules it turns into solution.

Chloride- which are negatively charged ions and sodium- which are positively charged ions, when they get together they neutralize and are freed in the area and with this it can reduce the pollutants from the air like irritants and allergens.

2. Electromagnetic oscillation

Do you know what Schuman resonance frequency is? It says that an electromagnetic field of vibration is attached to every form of life on Earth. We are all exposed to artificial electromagnetic wavelengths and different frequency values by electronics and industrialization.

Himalayan salt lamps are very beneficial in this case as their neutral atomic structure has the power to reduce the artificial frequencies and also reduce the ‘electro-smog’.

3. Transparent-crystalline structure develops the light waves

What is also very beneficial for our health are the light waves from the rainbow spectrum which are from 300-700 nanometers. Electromagnetic wavelengths can give the body cells new energy. The Himalayan salt lamp can free calming and positive wave, because of the wavelengths of the salt rock and the fact that it can go in the upper nanometer zone which is from 600-700 nanometers.
There are some people who are attracted to the look of this lamp, and besides all the healthy benefits it also offers you a better look in your home.