Man With Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy & Treats Himself With Vegan Diet

This is a true story about Chris Wark, a man who had stage 3 colon cancer and he managed to beat this disease without chemotherapy. There are numerous alternative methods and treatments for cancer, but because of the fear whether it will be efficient, they are used very rarely. People who have cancer are advised by medical doctors and also by their family and friends to chose chemotherapy as a treatment for the cancer.

The cancer had spread to his lymph-nodes, although they removed the cancer tumor. They also removed the identified infected ones.

This is the statement from Chris Wark:

Surgery is not a great choice for removing cancer, especially if it is in stage 3. If it was successful, they would only use surgery. The radiation and chemo will no longer be needed. This has been a well known fact for over 100 years to the medical industry, that surgery is an unsuccessful way to cure cancer. When the body has suppressed or overloaded immune system, full with toxins, and also nutrient deficient – than this cause s systematic metabolic disease – cancer. And cancer will most certainly return after surgery, if the body does not get all the needed nutrients to detoxify, regenerate and repair. The best way to boost the body’s ability to heal is to incorporate a diet which is full in vegetables and fruits, smoothies and juices. You shouldn’t consume processed foods. Also, you should avoid all animal products, until you eliminate all the cancer from the body. Some people may find this very strange and will not believe. There are many people who have succeeded to cure cancer without any surgery, but some people do not believe this either.

This is his short story.

It is very difficult to stand against the multi-billion dollar industry which cancer, and object with just some market studies. In August 2003, a study was conducted which showed only 2.1% chance of a cure with chemotherapy in Australia and the USA. Cytotoxic chemotherapy showed a 5 year survival rate in adult malignancies and this was also showed in the same study that took on a literature search for randomized clinical trials. This information was retrieved from the End Results data in the USA for 1998, the Surveillance Epidemiology and from the cancer registry in Australia. In the end, the results were stunning – it resulted with the following survival changes – 2.1% in the USA and 2.3% in Australia from the overall contribution of adjuvant and curative cytotoxic chemotherapy. You can also see the results for yourself.

There are numerous different alternative treatments for cancer like hemp oil, cannabis, baking soda and many more. Also, numerous studies also confirm that these alternative cancer treatments are very effective. And there are many comments about these type of articles about cancer treatment from people who have not done their own research to find out the truth.

Also over 60% of all chronic disease deaths can be prevented by a diet based on plants.

A cure for cancer has been found by the University of Alberta, Canada. It is the dichloroacetate, and it is not even marketed or published anywhere by the medical industry because it will not make any profit.

Here is the real truth.