Make Your Skin Look Marvelous Without Stains, Spots And Blemishes With This Homemade Treatment

Everyone wants to have flawless skin and uses different treatments in order to accomplish that. The sunlight is the main enemy of the skin. It is the reason that most spots appear In the skin and can cause some serious skin problems.

A lot of treatments exist IN this kind of problems. Some are more or less efficient but usually the best treatments are very expensive. But there are some natural and homemade treatments, which can actually help. Here we will tell you a recipe for removing sports and dark skin.

Natural Homemade Recipe:

This recipe is mainly made of hydrogen peroxide, whose main use is whitening stains on clothes, and it can be also used for skin spots. Many skin problems can be treated with this recipe such as whitening the dark skin under the armpits as well.


  • 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide,
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered milk,
  • 3 drops of natural glycerin,
  • Juice of one lemon- a small one.


Mix all the ingredients into a glass bowl and stir them together with a wooden spoon, until it becomes a smooth and creamy combination. Put it away for 5 minutes to rest.


This treatment should be applied on a dry and clean skin. So first wash your face and dry it. Then put the mask on the area and leave it to act during the night. In the morning wash your face with cold water and wipe it with a towel.

Repeat this procedure for seven days and you at be amazed with the results.

Here are some tips how to prevent skin blemishes:

1. Avoid using cosmetics and perfumes while you are at direct sunlight.
2. The sun is the strongest between 11:00AM and 3:00PM, so try not to go out at this period.
3. In summer while you are at the beach always use sunscreen.
4. If you use a blocker, always apply it 20 minutes before you go out in the sunlight.