Listening To This Song Reduces Your Anxiety by 65%

Anxiety is probably the most frequent medical condition in America. 18% of the population or about 40 million adults suffer from anxiety. There are several risk factors that can contribute to development of anxiety disorders, such as life events, personality, brain chemistry and also genetics. People who are experiencing anxiety can testify can frightening and difficult it can actually be. Anxiety symptoms can interrupt everything in a person’s life due to the feeling of fear, loss of control and dread. This type of disorders can actually destroy person’s life.

People usually seek help in prescribed pills and other medications. But some of them turn to other relaxation techniques, massage, meditation and yoga. Every person is different and so these treatments do not work the same way on everyone, but the good news is that British neuroscientists found out that listening to a particular song can reduce the levels of anxiety for even 65%. Do you have any idea about which song we are talking about?

Music therapy and anxiety

In the United Kingdom, some researchers at Mindlab International tried to find out which genre of music can actually relax the body and mind. While conducting this research,the people who participated were given a task to solve difficult puzzles. While solving the difficult puzzles the level of stress increased. And at the same time sensors which were attached to them measured the levels of stress. During this time they were listening to different types of music and songs. Also their breathing rate, blood pressure, heart rate and brain activity were also measured and monitored.

The result was amazing, just one particular song managed to reduce their stress level by 65%. Also their physiological resting levels were reduced by 35%. The song was ‘’Weightless’’. And this song was made by Marconi Union specially to be able to reduce the stress level and relax the body. In making this song many musicians and sound therapists worked together to create particular bass lines, rhythms and certain harmonies. The main objective for creating this song was to lower the stress hormones and at the same time to lower the blood pressure and the heart rate of the listener.

During the study they discovered that this song is extremely effective that it even made the female participants sleepy while listening to it. Because of this effect, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson does not recommend to listen to it when driving.

The rise of anxiety disorders

Technology is the main reason for the increased number of anxiety disorders. Maybe because , with the help of social media, all the adults and teens can compare their achievements with the life of anyone else. Everything is at reach and available, weight and wealth, body shape, beauty ad relationships. Some studies about this topic showed that people who spend time on the social media comparing their lives with the lives of others can develop depression.

For example, another effect from the social media is when we compare the students today with those from the past. The students today are more instable, more emotionally fragile and more isolated. It can also trigger other bad emotions like feelings of dissatisfaction with life, low self-control, and low self-esteem and are more likely to be self-absorbed. The increased number of people who suffer from anxiety is due to the way that teenagers and adults see the world as opposed to the world that it actually is.

So if you suffer from the anxiety problem, try this method to help you out. Listen to the song Weightless by Marconi Union.

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